Rare Old Solid Silver Darts
Very nice Stuart. The screw ones are particularly interesting!
[Image: PelXyih.png]
Darts Setup: 23g DPC Extreme Performance, Black Target Pro Grip Stems, Target Vision 100 Standard Flights, 35mm Gold CD Mk3 Points
Previous Darts Setup: 23g DPC Gun Metal Elite, Medium Black Target Pro Grip Stems, Standard Black V180 Flights, 30mm Black Grooved Storm Points

i have a set that are more or less identicle..what info did you find out about them.cheers
Salvaged one pic from this thread from Photobucket's shameless hijacking: Dodgy

[Image: 2LN39Ot.jpg]
(08-01-2020, 04:36 PM)the buddha Wrote: i have a set that are more or less identicle..what info did you find out about them.cheers

I just posted in your intro thread - looking at the hallmark I would say they (your set) were made by a company called Adie Brothers Ltd of Birmingham in 1937

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