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2020 WDF Virtual Cup
Starting on Sunday and running through to early November.

47 Nations have entered and have been drawn into 8 groups for the Round Robin stage of this event.  The top 4 finishers in each group will advance to the Knockout Round of the Virtual Cup.  Here are the Round Robin Groups:

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Not sure of the fixtures, but looks like games can be followed on DartConnect here:


and presumably streamed on youtube as well.

Details of the teams are posted on the Inside The WDF twitter account in the following posts and replies:

Group 1 - https://twitter.com/InsidetheWDF/status/...9295893505
Group 2 - https://twitter.com/InsidetheWDF/status/...0034805761
Group 3 - https://twitter.com/InsidetheWDF/status/...6109984769
Group 4 - https://twitter.com/InsidetheWDF/status/...8664557578
Group 5 - https://twitter.com/InsidetheWDF/status/...8664557578
Group 6 - https://twitter.com/InsidetheWDF/status/...5899036674
Group 7 - https://twitter.com/InsidetheWDF/status/...3020648448
Group 8 - https://twitter.com/InsidetheWDF/status/...0353893378
Have they seeded this? Group looks tough but less so group 2.
Mack The Knife
It looks like the draw is more done on similar timezones for groups 2, 5 and 7, and then all the European teams drawn out to make up the other groups. Not sure but I don't think the Euro groups were seeded as if they were then I doubt Germany, Netherlands and Wales would all have ended up in the same group.
This is now underway - Australia men have already played Japan men in Group 5, and the first pairing of the India/Slovakia men in Group 2 are just starting


As far as streaming is concerned it says "selected knockout round games will be streamed by USA Darts", so presumably the round robin phase will be DartConnect only.

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