Match practice routine (set up +finish)
Hii guys, i gonna share a powerful practice routine. With this routine you practice all the  important things on the dartboard. And it adds pressure to.  Its practice  with intense 

You start with 5 lives.  You can get more  lives if  you hit a 100 plus  finish or with a 180 177 174 171. The game is over if you have no lives left

Level 1 : 101 in 6 darts - 201 in 9 darts -301  in 12 darts.   You need to finish this in a row . If you dont finish 301 in 12 darts you restart on 101.   Lets say jou finish  101 -301  in a row jou move  to level  2

Level 2 : hopefully  you  have a few  lives left because  you gonna need them. 

101 in 6 - 201 in 6 - 301 in 9 if  you finish this in a row.  You are a great player. And move forward to level 3

Level  3 : 101 in 6. But not jou need to finish it 2 times in a row in 6 darts or less. Then  201 in 6 also 2 times in a row. And 301 in 9 also 2 times  in a row. 

My  record is level 3  but  failed on the 201. This routine is a real challenge.   You can make this routine  for your  own level. To get more lives  and more darts  for the numbers.  

This routine practice  your  mindset  and pressure.  Also very good for setup shots and  finishing 

Good  luck
Thanks for the routine Ricardo. It looks like a real challenge!
(08-06-2020, 03:27 AM)Robert Burns Wrote: Thanks for the routine Ricardo. It looks like a real challenge!

Yes it is. But you can make it to suits your level
I like this practice routine. It looks like a nice challenge. I will give this a go.
Thanks for sharing Ricardo
Yes it is.  Make sure you  get a proper warm up before  you  start this.  Made  this routine  few  months  ago.  Because  i am not  big  on practice.  But  when i practice  i want  to  make  the most  from it good luck

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