Target Bolide 02 SP 21g Review
So if you had to give a grip rating????
I'd say the grip was a 5. Actually like the grip not so heavy and these work nicely for me.
(08-08-2020, 01:48 PM)Papa w Wrote: So if you had to give a grip rating????

I find them to have a great grip. They feel more so - sharp /tacky then a firm grip.not your regular ring grip. Almost a bit of bite to them lol

Lol I don’t know if Sling means 5/5 or 5/10 lol 

But for me i would give them a 7 or 8 out of 10 lol

Or a definite 4/5 lol

I’ve a lot of darts and differnent grips.

 and most recently the Winmau Overdrives , which were very grippy for a ring grip.”

I have zero slip with the s02.where I Grip it, my fingers stay until release. And I don’t find I’m getting caught on release either. It seems almost hard to roll the dart within my grip as I like To do In a Gary Anderson fashion.

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