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World Darts Federation - interesting statement
Taken from WFD Newsletter - Issue Q3/2019

"We are also working hard on developing a viable WDF ranking circuit for 2020 that will lead to our own major championship(s). As the governing body, it is our responsibility to provide opportunities for each player from every member country to compete at the highest level. This initiative is being led by our newly appointed WDF Chief Development Officer, Mr. Richard Ashdown."
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I saw that yesterday - very interesting.

They most likely realise what a mess the BDO is in and have finally decided they need to do something for a change. My guess is they will see how the WC goes at the Indigo in January, and if it flops then they will take the WC back from the BDO and run it themselves. I can't see them adding another, third, World Championship event.

Maybe putting it out to tender which country hosts the event each year and also at the same time making it more of a World event with more countries having participants via more localised WDF rankings instead of the current top heavy UK and Netherlands participation via the BDO rankings.

Getting the likes of Richard Ashdown and several of the BDO/WDF players round the world involved will help them as well.
If they will go on the route of developing all over the world I see the PDC supporting them, as it would benefit both organizations. PDC would have it easier to produce profitable events in countries where the amateur game is solid/growing, while the WDF would surely benefit from some sort of funding.
Proud user of Voks MMA 22g darts - for more info on them see Getagrip's review.

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