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Chalk vs. dry erase marker
I got to say that I am a traditionalist and never thought I would switch from a chalk board to a dry erase score board.  I finally did so over a year ago and would never go back to chalk.

 How 'bout you guys, chalk or dry erase marker?
White board dry marker every time.
Beats trying to score with a quarter inch long piece of chalk, that's assuming someone can actually find the chalk!
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Dry erase board, with the marker hooked to it on a long string, so it doesn't walk away.
If you know what I'm doing, don't tell me .... I find bliss in my confusion.
Use both depends whats in the halls i play in leagues
White board and dry eraser all day long for me. After years of using traditional chalk boards, I simply got tired of the mess with the chalk dust everywhere.

Dry erase is so nice and clean but even they get a bit harder to erase after a few years use. The one I mainly use in the man cave can be erased, but it does take a bit more elbow grease now as opposed to 5 years ago when first put up. I do clean it with a spray all-purpose cleaner every once in a while to get the marker color residue off it.

There's not many old style chalk boards in the bars that have league teams. The majority have dry erase boards and some have the electronic boards. What I've noticed lately when going to see some matches is the proliferation of programs/apps for smart phones that are being used as scoreboards. However, some of the screens are so small it is hard to see what's left or where you stand in Cricket games.
Dry erase by far. In league we sometimes use DartConnect on a tablet, and that speeds play up a lot (especially for newer players or those whose math skills are a little rusty), but I still like scoring by hand on a dry erase board.

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