Harrows Darts.

Foot really hurting playing Darts
So been playing well recently, I stand with my right foot side on but after 1 game the side of my foot really aches , i think it's because I'm putting too much pressure on it but no matter what I try I can transfer the weight off of it any ideas.

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Step to the oche and put all your weight on the trailing leg and then slowly put some weight on your lead leg, but just enough to feel steady at the oche and see how that works.

Most players walk up and immediately put their lead foot along the oche and most of their weight is set on that leg.

Have you tried a different lead foot position, maybe a bit straighter to the line with the toe more forward??

Are you maybe rolling a bit on your right foot and not keeping it flat on the floor by putting more pressure on the outside edge farthest from the arch?

Another factor is weight. If a heavy guy, putting a lot of weight on one foot can get a bit uncomfortable in short order.
I used to do the same, putting all my weight on my front foot and mine was sore too. I was kind of forced into changing due to lack of space in my spare room where I practice. There's not room to extend my leg back to balance my leaning forward so I had to play standing more upright which distributed the weight better too between my feet. It felt a bit unnatural at first but I got used to it a lot quicker than I thought and actually think I throw better now, feels more stable.
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Yea ive tried throwing with toe straight on and so on for a while but just does not work for me going to have to work on putting the weight on the trailing leg i think
I agree with Chappers, I too had to learn to put my weight on both legs and stand upright. My problem was with my back, and it has helped  me a lot .... maybe it can help with your problem.
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Hopefully i am happy with how im playing but its just that problem im walking into work later on like ive shat myself if im being honest. ( Honest about the walking nothing else ha)
Also aswell as standing straight to spread the weight balance try some orthopaedic insoles in your shoes..... may also help
Not as bad today because i was taking more note of it and not putting as much pressure on affecting my game a little atm averaging 70 over 13 legs hopefully will become more second nature after a while
It will eventually b3come natural . Like anything when you first start it can be unfomfortsble. But if it’s for physical /health reasons, a minor tweak to relief pain, is worth having to tweak your throw and re adjust from a slightly different positions,

It’s you throwing the dart , not your legs.

Yes’m position has a tremendous amount to do with being stable and producing repetitive motions.

But your mind, eyes and elbow shoulder and arm make the throw.,

Think of it as taking a shot from at a blocked dart and you have to move , it’s not your usual stance but you can still hit it....(this could be a bad comparison. Just saying you can move around )

I undertake if you change your stance your body height will chance and body mechanics will be off.

I’ve had to stable my self up right as my lead knee was taking unprecedented amount of extra weight (25lbs) after winter. I played through summer with but recently changed to a more comfortable stance and re adjsutes my throw.

My take...

Luckily you already have the experience and you ca.pn quickly over come a weigh shift to prevent future issues.
Good luck

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