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Past Mods & Always Nutz
This the the place to find out about all the wonderful Mods we have had here on the forum.

These Nutz members have served (and continue to serve) in ways that still benefit all Nutz.

They are True Nutz!!!!
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GreatWhiteNorth-Senior Moderator
I'll try and keep this brief instead of my usual waffling as some of you know. Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
Introduced to the grand game at the age of seven and continue to have a love for everything darts.  From the gear (old & new), competition (not as much anymore), both sides of the game (BDO & PDC) and every other level.  Most importantly the great folk I've met through the game itself, including all you Nutz here.
Have taken a fair bit from the game over the years and hopefully I've put some back into it and being here as a mod I can continue to do so.
Came to this forum April of 2013 and for awhile I was gone from it and was my loss.  Since back mid July 2016 I've enjoyed the atmosphere and folk here immensely.
As always if anyone has any questions or input of any kind feel free to throw a PM my way and will do my best to help/support in any way.
Good darting all you Nutz!
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Jschwab - SuperModerator
Hey Nutz!!
My name is John and I am a Dartz NutZ!
I first started playing darts in the early 80's when my brother needed another player for a soft tip league he was a member of. We played for one season and that was it. He was bored with darts and I had too many other things at hand. Fast forward to about 4 years ago and a co-worker invited me to a night out throwing darts at a local pub. Luckily I still had my original soft tips and some brass conversion points, and had a great time throwing. Immediately (mostly) went out and bought a new set of cheap steel tips. Then went out and bought another (do you see a pattern developing yet?) and still more.
 Last year, after becoming so seriously addicted to this sport, I finally put together a team and we now play on Thursdays. I still collect too many, and probably have more shafts and flights than a normal person could use in a lifetime. I have also started shooting local tournaments and the like. Still chasing that elusive first 180.
  My other interests are music (mainly European progressive rock and metal), stamp collecting and collecting/restoring vintage fountain pens. I don't really follow any major sports but love baseball and the occasional basketball game.
  Oh yeah, I am married and work as a shipping agent in Portland, OR.
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Danger Mouse - SuperModerator
Hey me fellow Nutz Tongue

I started playing darts when I was in my early to mid teens, and I absolutely loved the game, even bought my own set of darts, which I really wished I'd kept as I've completely forgotten what they were, it would have been great to compare them to what I'm using today?

I was entered into a local pub competition which for me at that time was a very daunting experience, I was only about 15yrs old, didn't really know many people and the pub atmosphere was an alien one to me so I was shaking quite a bit! I was amazed that in my first game I hit T20, T20 & T18 a 174, should have seen the look on my opponents face, but then he proceeded to hand me my butt on a plate! Sad Big Grin

For various life reasons I then stopped playing and only took it back up about 1yr ago (I'm now 41!) I really wish I had kept playing in my youth, but hey I'm here now Cool

What started me back on the road to darting paradise is accidentally coming across one of Grips YouTube video reviews, so I blame Grip for my dart nuttiness (and empty bank account) Tongue

I love buying these little tungsten beauties, especially if I can grab a bargain at the same time. At this present time I'm collecting but think once I've found my life long set I'll likely sell off the un-needed sets?

So a year on this journey I've been given the great privilege to help out my fellow Nutz on this great forum as a Mod, so if you need anything, just give me a shout and I'll be only too happy to help.   Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.

Many happy 180's to you all.   Guests cannot see images in the messages. Please register at the forum by clicking here to see images.
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Jimbo21 - Moderator.

Hi peeps.

I havent always been a darts nut. When I was younger I played a wide variety of sports, but my main passions were cricket and aussie rules footy. I played both up until a knee injury forced an early retirement at 21. After that, I played basketball and mixed netball.

Work life started out as an electrician, then re-educated myself in the late 90's and became a computer programmer.
I am currently the IT manager at the Mercorella Group. We are a fresh fruit and veg distribution center for Coles supermarkets.

I play league darts 4 nights a week at the moment and will be adding Friday nights to that list in a few weeks as I will be joining a singles super league.

Thats about it for me.

Dave (Jimbo21).
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Bigshow - Moderator.

Hello ladies and gentlemen,

I come from a darting family so it was natural for me to become a dartnut. I starting playing when I was knee-high to a grasshopper and I've never lost the passion for the game. I love watching darts, talking darts and I also play league darts and would class myself as mediocre with flashes of brilliance. Forever in the search for the elusive holy grail ( 9 darter ) Smile As some may know I am a very patriotic man, so Brendan ( double in double out 9 darter ) Dolan is my hero Big Grin

Cheers Bigshow
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Lefty544 - Moderator

Hello all,

I, much like Jimbo, have not always been a dart nut. I did however start getting into it at a young age but I would always just play messing around with my friends at the local bar. It wasn't until one night that a friend of mine was on a team and needed an extra player and asked if I wanted to play. I've been playing competitively since and have loved every moment of it.

I enjoy playing darts along with volunteering at my local firehouse as an EMT and getting involved in as many local social events as I can. Growing up I played soccer, football, baseball, basketball, and I wrestled for my high school.

I live in NJ and my day to day job is as an electronics engineer. I have been a part of dartsnutz since early last year and I have enjoyed it thoroughly. We have had some great times and the membership continues to grow with great people. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do :-)
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Milkysunshine - Moderator

I've always enjoyed 'bar games'. I've played them on and off since I was a little kid. For some reason, I never really took up darts on a serious level. My father was in 2 top division local leagues with his friends when I was a kid. I still rarely remember seeing him practice. Maybe that's why I wasn't sucked into it early...

In November of 2012, a local bar reopened after being closed for 6 months for renovations. The changes made to the bar made it my kind of place. 24 beers on tap and good food. They had a board set up and had already signed up 2 teams for league. There was usually someone throwing there. Even though I had a board in my basement for years, I was never really driven to play.

I started throwing against some of the league people and they were impressed. I was born with extremely good eye hand coordination so sports came easy to me. These guys were in lower divisions, so they were easily impressed.

As 'easy' as sports came to me, I still find darts to be much like golf. You can hit mostly bad shots a game, but those few perfect ones keep you coming back for more. I started practicing with my knurled tungsten darts I had owned for about 8 years. I remember I got them on clearance at dicks sporting goods... and later found out why. After I ordered some new darts (dart world piranha's 24g knurled, used from amazon for $26), I weighed my old ones to see how heavy they were. 24.5 gram. Ok cool! Weighed the next barrel... 24.3g close. Then the last barrel... 19.5g. ??????? How did I never notice this in my hands? I just never paid too much attention to them. I do not remember what brand they are, they kinda look like older nodor or winmau. Maybe they were open box and 2 sets got mixed or something... who knows.

So anyway, I start practicing as I am an ultra competitive person. If I do something, I want to be my best at it. At this point the bottom division team had lost every game but the first, that was a tie. They were 12 games into a 16 game season. Some of the members stopped going as it was pretty somber. They asked if I would fill in. I obviously said yes!

I remember my first match vividly. I wasn't nervous. It was strange as even now to this day I get that little adrenaline rush from nerves every match. I won all 3 of my games. All pretty close games. But, the team still lost. The next week, I found myself extremely nervous as now I expected to win every game. I was putting pressure on myself, and lots of it. I went 2-2 and the team still lost. The week after was quite similar. Lots of pressure, didn't play well and team lost. Before the last week of the season, we practiced hard. By practice I mean we threw darts at the board, as we had no idea about strategy, outs... whatever. We really didn't know what we were doing.

The last week, right before the game started I remember being in an awful mood. I could not hit a single thing in practice. My teammates on the other hand were all pumped up believing we were going to win. I chalked the first game. It was a close one.... really close one. It got down to a madhouse game for both players. My teammate finally hits it. My team was celebrating that we were actually up. I don't know if it was all the hi-fives and chest bumps... or if it was the shots, but I decided right then and there I was not having a bad night and decided to have fun. I ended up 3-1 and we were tied going into the last match. Doubles 501. Winner of this match took the night. My teammates got in right away, scored well and got out quickly. Something that never happens. We won the night. I actually felt the need to apologize to the other team because my teammates were celebrating so much.
Our record was abysmal. Points finished something like 60-196.

Next season I formed a new team as the bar owner wanted to field 3 teams. I grabbed a bunch of my buds and just went out to have a good time. Which is still our goal. I did start playing and practicing with better people though. People that would blow me away. I didn't care, I was learning. That and getting smoked made me want to go to the practice board as I absolutely hate losing. I started practicing my outs to learn them. I stopped chasing in cricket... I learned how the game should be played. Now I play at a bar that most of the better local players go to. I love the competition there. I'm competing and regularly winning against people in much higher divisions than me.

I currently play in two leagues, and would like to be involved in forming another. I think our area needs a smaller league of long format darts.

I still have a long way to go as far as consistency is concerned... but there is only one way to fix that.

I've tried many, many sets of darts and I find they don't really matter. Last night was my 5th different set of darts used in 5 days and I threw basically the same with all of them. It is time to start thinning out my herd. Being a person with an obsessive personality, if my goal was to collect and not just try... I'd probably be divorced and have to have visitation days with my son. My wife is really cool, but buying tons of darts instead of paying electric wouldn't go over well!

I love the game. I love the mental side, the competitive side... I love watching as much as playing.
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Gyday reader's
Being from Australia (Perth W.A.), darts is just not that big, unless you go looking for it, I mean this in the fact that there is no coverage of the game at all except for the PDC worlds if ya got "pay tv". Its even hard to find a pub with a board these days. Darts in Perth is predominantly all steel tip and %90 of league players over here dont even know what softip is lol. Although there is a kinda underbelly in competition darts that I will cover later.

As a youngster in my late teens very early 20's I rented a house with three other mates which had a huge games room, I managed to snavel my Old mans pool table as it was collecting dust and thought that I'll go the whole hog and get a board as well, the pool table seen the most work but we use to change things up with a game of darts every now and then, I fluked a MAX one day while on the squirt (alcohol) and ran around the games room cheering and pulling my shirt over my head like they do in the "SOCCER" matches after they score a goal, thinking I was the greatest dart player ever, BOY WAS I WRONG!!!

At this time in my life my true sporting passion was rugby league, and pool and darts was just something to keep us occupied and pass the time in between the battlefields of blood that rugby league is. Unfortunately My job was very demanding and to far away to keep going to after being busted up on the field week in and week out, so it was a choice of rugby or work, and we all need to work so meatworking it was, I started a butchering apprenticeship when I was 15 and soon became what is known over here as a beef boner, and have been doing so ever since, Im nearly 43!

Anyhow, the bachelor pad with the games room only lasted about a 18 months, when the rental contract was up and I moved in with my girlfriend and now wife (24 years, poor girl), so the board got packed up and moved from house to house and gathered dust until about four years ago when I was cleaning out the shed for a verge side rubbish collection, I noticed my board on the pile of rubbish that you place on the verge for the council to pickup that my wife had put there, I quickly picked it out of the pile and took it out the back and found a wall for it that very day, for I was lucky enough to have found my old darts tucked away in the shed as well. Within a week the old wire board wasn't good enough and neither were my old darts, so off to the sports store for an update.

I threw every day and mates would come around for a game or two on weekends, we would never play 01 games as nobody liked the math side of the game and it would take forever when getting down to a peg to throw three darts, it was strictly round the world, killer or shanghai. I always told myself that I wouldn't bother with 01 till I throw back to back 180's, a feet that nearly happened a few times but to this day still eludes me. As I rarely listen to myself and quite by chance I was frequenting a local hose and fittings shop to fix my reticulation and noticed that they had a board out the back and got to talking to them about darts, they then asked if id like a game and we went out the back of the factory for a throw, I won a few and lost a few but must have shown them something as they asked if Id like to join their club, which is Leeming Bowls Club which comes under the F.D.D.A. jurisdiction (The Fremantle and Districts Darts Association), famous for the likes of Kyle and Beau Anderson who played for the Coolbellup Tavern, as well as many more great players, as little benown to me W.A. is quite the force in Australian darts (the Underbelly).
These two blokes from the hose shop soon became some very good friends along with many others from the Leeming Bowls Darts Club, and I am now in my third year of competition, although there hasn't been enough improvement in my throwing ability as I would like (50 avg), 01 has really dusted out the meatworker cobwebs in the math department, which surprised me a great deal.

About two years ago I started to play around with brass stems to keep my dart lying flat in the board, but never quite got on with them as a bad release would be very unforgiving, so I wanted something in between the weight of a nylon and a brass stem, A google search of stem weights lead me to some very shifty looking sight called Darts Nutz.com, and as I could not find any info on stem weights by myself I finally broke and registered to my first and only forum, and posted a question of "what does a phase 5 slick stick weigh", within minutes I was getting replies and some very kind welcomes from some of these NutZ, and after a while we got down to an actual weight of the slick stick (cant remember what it was lol).
After a few hiccups and some stupid posting, a few warnings and putting in linings, the NutZ accepted me for who I am and here I stand today (SUCKERS!!!).
I'm very grateful to have stumbled across this forum and the game of darts, as without either of them I would have found less strangers to make my friends.

Well thats me in a NutZ shell, if ya wana know more detail we would have to start an adult only section, till then, I'll see ya in the forum.
Bye for now.
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So now..... The kamikersie Story Big Grin

About 9/10 years ago it started when I was in my nana and grandpas and I found a dartboard at the top of their house. This particular room on the third floor I wasn't usually allowed to go into because of a big collection of tin toys and die cast cars worth a lot of money but on this day I did. Anyway..... I persuaded my gran to move the board into a different room (not for the pristine boxes to get pierced by points), and I started to play.

Initially the board was put up at 3/4 height because I wasn't (and im still not) very tall and if it was full height I wouldn't be able to reach the board to take darts out Lol My nan was heavily involved with cubs and scouts and she had lots of darts (the fairground type) there from when the cubs had been doing challenges etc.

Later on when I was in late comprehensive school I would go out and end up in a friends house playing darts in the garden and they would sometimes come here for a throw etc (this was after I got a board in the bedroom).

Little did I know that this would turn into a complete tungsten obsession/addiction. Lol

Without getting boring - As soon as I was 18 I joined the pub darts team and ive been there ever since. I got up to at one stage playing 4 nights a week then I settled myself got my career head on and now I play once a week in a non serious league so if im busy with work I don't have to go.

I have this year graduated from university and kickstarted my engineering career. I have a plan where I want to be in the future and now its about putting the effort in to try and get that achievement.

I started off on Everythingdarts.com as many others did until the forum closed down and Chunky cheese (andys shop) was formed. I remember when I was starting out collecting darts, at roughly the same time as Darren (GRIP) did and I remember when he swapped with my on one of his first times many moons ago Lol I now have about 120 sets of darts (probably more) and Grip has about a gazillion sets Lol I still cant stop buying/playing and even researching darts so long may it continue Big Grin Big Grin

I later discovered that the board belonged to my dad when he lived there and he had it up in the games room with pool table and bar (very jealous at that lol) My dad still has the darts he bought as well at the same time as the board in the 70's and he uses them attempting to beat me often Tongue
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05-21-2014, 02:23 PM 

The D'Artist

Who is "The D'Artist" - Stephen Peszel?
Well you can call me Steve, my mother calls me "Stephen", but I always write my name in full, go figure!
I am a transplanted Brit, from Bolton, Lancashire; I have been in Canada since 1988.
I live in Richmond, British Columbia, close to the Vancouver Airport, which is not in Vancouver, but you can hear it from there.
Prior to being transported to Canada I was in the British Army for 20 years, REME, Army Aviation mostly, helicopters, served with the Royal Marines, Army Air Corps, those guys in Hereford, and served all over, Malta, Cyprus, Kenya, Canada, USA, mostly Germany.
I am a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer, a "professional" adult educator, and apparently a HSE practitioner. I have not turned a wrench in anger for many years but I tell people how to. Taught in a local Technical College for 12 years and set up and ran the Training Centre for a major helicopter operator. Currently serving time as a HSE Manager and Training Manager for an aircraft manufacturer in the Vancouver area.
I am a writer and a photographer.
I played darts for years in the Army, even had my own set!
Did not throw a dart for 27 years until I took up the art in January, 2014.
I play locally in the Canadian Legion and Army, Navy, AirForce Vets (ANAVETS) but need some better competition so looking for a team and a regular mixed-couples partner.
I never stop learning; love to contribute to learning; seem to have an opinion on everything!
I recently started my darts collection which has gotten a bit out of hand.
I look forward to being a productive member and mod of this Forum.
Per ardua ad darta.
D'Arte et Marte.
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Cankles of Fury

About Me: The story of Cankles of Fury

This is a story all about how my life got flipped turned upsidedow.... it just dawned on me you UK people might not get this reference.

I enjoy humor, I have almost died several times and through it realized life is a gift. Life is too short to be taken overly seriously. Seriousness definitely has its place but if I can I will be Big Grin ing

One of my main goals in life is to be a life long learner. Never settling for not being my best. That is how I found this site. If I jump into something, I like to jump with both feet, no holds bar.

I haven't been throwing darts very long (serious since December) and this will be apparent in the upcoming DODL 2 season. I'm not discouraged as everybody sucks at some point, it's only the people who don't learn and grow who stay there.

I am married to the best woman on the planet, who constantly encourages me to be a better man. I have 2 sons who are currently 2 (as of today! cant wait to get home Smile) and 6 weeks. I love kids and have worked with them for the last 7 years of my life. Rather it be a summer camp counselor, working at a children's home emergency shelter, or my current job, High School Chemistry Teacher.

So yep, that's me and a nutshell. I truly believe we have one of the best communities on the web and enjoy spending my down time here Smile

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Past Mods- PM a present Mod with your bios- we want you all represented- for the excellent service.
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Oldjoblo-Senior SuperModerator
Hello,,,,My birth name is James Wesley Passmore,,,,AKA ,,,0ldjoblo,,,,I go by Wes,,,as that is what most peeps here in my home town of Harrison Arkansas call me,,,,,lived here on and off (mostly on) for 53 years,,,,with the birth of my grand daughter 5 months ago ,, that makes 6 generations that (I know of) that has called the Ozark Mountains home,,,,I grew up in the country riding my Shetland pony,,,,snake hunting and fishing along the creek,,,,,playing little league sports,,,,,I have 1 brother and 1 sister,,,,my sister is 17 years younger than me ,,,,My brother is a Marine Corp vet,,,,,,,,,we are exact opposites,,,I'm Right handed ,,, he is lefty,,,,and so on,,,,
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JayKay - Senior SuperModerator
I also played darts as a kid a little. My mum was a good player and was once the dundee womans singles and doubles champ but I never took it serious. I played every once in a while but that's all. Football (soccer) got me at a young age so thats where my time went.
I too am real good with my hand eye and play many sports well. Darts is my obsession now though. I also started playing in 2012 properly as my local had a darts tournament coming up so I went and played for a few weeks before the tournament and grew as a player rapidly. I managed to get to the semi finals of the tournament and I was hooked!
I then competed in the singles league last year which we not long finished and I came second.
I also have many different shapes and weights of darts and to me they fly just as well. It feels impossible for me to find my right set as after a couple of throws I throw them just as well as any other. Its actually frustrating as I want a type.
I play both soft tip and steel. I play locally soft tip singles and I'm about to join a fairly local steel tip team. I prefer steel tip, as that's what I play at home and its what I know.
Well that's a little bit about me.
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