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Walker - SuperModerator
First things first...Massive Chelsea fan, dunno if anyone had noticed? Tongue
Originally from West London but moved down to the south coast a few years back to enjoy the lovely sea views (as lovely as you can get in the UK anyways)
I first picked up a dart when I was maybe 12ish after finding my grandads old school thick round wired, stapled dartboard and some cheap tungsten darts laying about, I set it all up and fell in love instantly, spent hours playing round the board an 501 with the old fella. Quickly got a board set up at home but unfortunately didn't get to play as much as I would have liked to what with school, football and all the other things kids get up to (chasing girls etc. Tongue)
Moved out of home at 16 and didn't pick up a dart again until just after my 24th birthday, which is a shame because I've really been missing out. But now I'm back in the game, and after stumbling across this place (from Grips reviews, obviously) I'm a full on darts nut!
Since joining the forum everyone's been so helpful and helped my
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Kosumo - SuperModerator

Hiya! Big Grin

I'm Joshua and I'm from up the North of England (Newcastle-upon-Tyne to be precise). I'm a university student so the right age to be getting into the game! I'd had a few years when I was 13 or 14 when I played but had to give up as it wasn't logistically possible for me to continue but I'm back now and enjoying it more than ever!

Recently I've joined a darts society at my university which gets me playing on a semi-regular basis against others. When I'm not there I practice online with Pro-Darter and less frequently on the Webcam Darts Association. I'm probably best known for the fact I throw lighter darts than the norm with tiny flights and manage to do half decent with them. That and a few darts reviews I've done on this site. Big Grin

I joined here in April 2015, 4 months after I picked the game up again, and I've enjoyed my time here, so I hope I can give back to this wonderful community as a Super Mod!

If you've got any questions drop me a PM and I'll do my best to answer it or, if I can't, send you in the direction of someone who can. Wink

Happy darting everyone! arrows
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Rodney-Senior SuperModerator
Hi Nutz. Sorry this is a bit delayed. My name is Dave and I am married with 6, yes 6 children lol. I have been married 25 years. I am a teaching assistant in a primary school and I have done this job for the past 12 years. I joined this great forum in June 2013 after seeing one of Getagrips great reviews. This forum has helped me in so many ways and I am forever grateful to its staff and members. The members here helped me choose my forum user name (which I love). I have had many, many sets of darts and you will probably have seen many of them in BSS lol and I am sure you will see many more in there. I have made many friends here and see this as my home from home, my Mrs would says it is my home lol . I have been fortunate to have been chosen to be a mod at this great place and hope to be here for many many years to come. Feel free to pm me anytime for anything and thank you for reading my little intro. To find out a little bit more take a look at my Q&A session and sign up Big Grin
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