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This probably isn't really that old lol just thought i'd post it. Anyone know when these were used?

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Did we really play on boards with wires that thick, my memory must be worse than I thought!
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These are not old, a few teams in my league still use these
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(04-14-2014, 08:33 PM)dannyd180 Wrote: These are not old, a few teams in my league still use these

As i said in the post i didn't think they were that old, was just wondering roughly when they were brought out. Oh cool wonder why they wouldn't upgrade to a board with thinner wires, thanks for the comment!
(04-14-2014, 08:33 PM)dannyd180 Wrote: These are not old, a few teams in my league still use these

Not with the wire like these, that's old school Wink
may all the doubles be with you

I've got exactly the same board bought from Argos in 91, £12.95, and I still use it been filled in with black marker around edge since 2000. Its also sporting a black bullseye now. I love the sound of this board much quieter than my 6month blade4. I'm weird but I like them thick round wires. Old skool rocks! Lol
I've just changed from one of these to a blade 4, my God!! What a pleasure to throw darts at the board and not have to pick any from the floor. Apart from the steelworks used on this thing, it is a cracker of a board quieter than a new blade 4 imo.I will be happy if the blade lasts as long as this did.
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My Pro SFB, which I still use, was bought around early 80s, so the SFB could have been slightly older.

I've seen new Pro SFB around being sold in shops.
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