Sixteen dart leg!
That sounds right. Thanks again!
(03-26-2020, 01:35 PM)Ed180 Wrote: That sounds right. Thanks again!

Did the math for you. Avg of 83,5 then. Well done!
Game on since Jan 2020

Darts:  Winmau Sniper 22g – Harrows Black I.C.E. 22g – Harrows Glen Durrant World Champion Series 2 22g
Board: Gladiator II
Maximums: 2 (02.03.20) (21.03.20)
Ton plus finishes:  126 [S19-T19-Bull] (23.01.2020) – 113 [D19-T17-D12] (15.03.2020)
Best leg: 22 darts (10.03.20)
Cheers! So often it’s a rubbish 20 something average so when an 80 something average comes around it’s a very welcome change
Again, great stuff! Shows you that you are able to hit several ton visits in a row, during a match. All you need to do now is to remember how you did it so you can do it on a regular basis! Keep up to good work
well played  clapping clapping horns
Fantastic, I have not been able to break 20 but did have a 121 finish last night and promptly began the next leg with a stellar 26.
Cheers ! 121- very very nice. Hats off to you sir
(03-26-2020, 12:28 AM)Ed180 Wrote: Just hit a sixteen dart leg- a pb! Previous best was 22. Great feeling! Just shows what happens if you persevere! Hope you are all well, fellow darts Nutz

That’s very well done Ed even top players would be happy with that.

A 1+ for perseverance

3 times World Champion John Lowe’s adage on improving your darts is the 3 P’s and worth repeating:




Son of Merlin

Caerleon - Wales

(Monster "Milkman" - 22.4Gm, Smooth Gold Points 36mm, Yellow Kite Shape Flights 100 micron & Solid Brass Stems)

[Image: 0mbrxgh.png]

My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."

Cheers! Yeah practice certainly makes perfect.... when a bit of luck is present. Our leagues on hold but when of if we restart the season I’ll be ready! They’re re running old world champ matches on tv at the moment so that’ll have to do for now! Sport1 for anyone in ze German speaky bits of Europe.

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