Nerves when playing against others?
I've been playing darts on the dartslive system for about 3 months, mostly playing online or against my friends.

Lately I've been trying to play more friendlies against others at the bar etc but I've found that I play a lot worse during friendlies (due to nerves?) and usually end up being at least 15+ below average in 01.

Is there a way I can be more relaxed in random friendlies and in-house tournaments etc? Or do I just have to play enough of it to get the nerves away?

Thanks in advance Smile
Answered your own question!  Big Grin

Here's some reading, so you know it's not just you.  *Note* - some of the posters in the thread below are very good competitive players:

Lot's more around with a little searching.

Get out there and play, the more you do the more comfortable you'll get
What Nixer and Crusher said. Nothing beats nerves like playing in tension filled games on a regular basis. Make your nerves work for you instead of against you.
There is an old school of thought that consists of "having a killer instinct" and "will to win", "hate to lose", etc. An old darts pro once said to me "don't be afraid to lose". That sort of relaxed mentality worked for me years ago and still does now. At the end of the day, nothing will beat playing more competitive matches as the guys on here have already stated but relaxing psychologically helps as well.
I had the same issues, but they're improving the more I play competition. One thing that really helped me was BREATHING. As I approach the oche, I do the 6-2-7: breathe deeply in for 6 seconds, hold for 2 seconds, and controlled exhale for 7 seconds. May sound strange, but it brings a level of calm....
Hiya, preparation is key so you have routines to fall back on. You can even practise visualising nervy situations to rehearse nerve control and breathing routines. That way when you get to a comp nothing is left to chance. When you first start competing everything is new so extra adrenaline is normal as your body starts the 'fight or flight' process. Once you know what to expect learn from this and prepare ready for it. I can visualise scenarios eg the crucial double out shot so well I can make myself nervous in practice! I do this so I can practice breathing routines such as the previous poster suggested. Oche routines are important to practice confidence building such as standing tall, flight check, planning your shot. At no stage should you watch your opponent's darts and allow yourself time to think. Replace any waiting time with things to do or self talk routines such as 'stance, elbow, rhythm' which is what I say to myself to stay focused. In general a better level of fitness also helps keep a lid on extra adrenaline too.Good luck Smile
concentration focus endurance nothing else !
Those breathing routines are great which mentioned earlier. You could also forget yourself and not worried this and that behind oche. Concentrate only board and following throws before check outs. Maybe you could use ear plugs short time if you feel yourself calm in that way. Use them only couple of times not continously.
Exposing myself to more dart tournaments (I’ve only done 3) will help my nerves relax I am sure.

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