Posting Pictures with an iPad
Posting Pictures with an iPad

Disclaimer:  I don't use iPad's or similar devices, so this guide developed with the assistance of members who do.  Wink  

Like many devices that attempt to automate tasks in an app, iPad's do things a little differently.  This guide pulled from the related article on sideways pictures, because the fix is the same.

The easiest work around we've found so far - get the image up on ImgurFor iPad users, your best bet is the Imgur app

After you have the Imgur app, create an account, then upload the picture to Imgur.  From there, you need to copy link.  Screenshot courtesy of CalixNL:

[Image: LDCDQBE.jpg].

On the forum, use the "Insert Image" button on the forum post editor. Paste your image link in the URL box shown.  Add settings for width and height for a better post 'fit'.  300-500 seems a good starting point, but you'll have to experiment to find your best option.  Note: You only have to enter the width, height is auto-calculated.  If you don't supply width/height values, the picture will be it's full native size.  Which in the case of digital photos, might be very large indeed:

[Image: Jurhg03.jpg]

And there you have it!  Cool.

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