Preferred Darts Shape
Looks like it’s time to design a set. The price looks right.
After trying loads of sets I've figured out what I like pretty much I think:

23 to 24g
Around 50mm
No more than 6.5mm thick
Strong grip in the middle
Balance point in the middle of the grip section

I've had a few sets that match all these criteria (Mission Kronos M1, Cinege Birdy and RD Dragonfly 3 to name a few recent ones) and I've really liked them but the extra thing I wanted was just a fairly small area of grip in the middle rather than grip all along the barrel, then I can instantly feel if I'm gripping them in the correct place each time.

So like Nixer I went down the Custom route and have been using them for a month or so, very happy with them, would definitely recommend it!
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(01-14-2020, 02:18 PM)DartyScoundrel Wrote:
(01-14-2020, 03:49 AM)Troll Wrote: Priestley/Klassen

Middle barrel grip or something different?

Front Gripper
[Image: lvnS5tM.jpg]

[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSk3_mUOv_jGoysjynm41f...KJnZ__w9ge]
Tapored front 21-22g. 45 x 6.8 or 7. Rear grip. Gold. (All subject to change at any moment depending on my mood)
(01-14-2020, 04:28 AM)LethalEagle Wrote: For now its short straight barrels. Been wanting shorter lengths to get a more centre balance.

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I’m behind you on this one,

I lucked into a set of target 21 gram rob cross darts plain tungsten .
 They are short to me for a straight barrell..
I think they are 47mm maybe...
How short do you go on straights?

I traded based on the face  value I was receiving the upper end.

I did not imagine they would work for  me.

However they took zero time . As in they found the targets, t20s, around the doubles without a hitch no fiddling .

Usually If get a new set that is a slightly different shape or varying COG ,and I am cursing and struggling to have them suit My throw, eventually , a few days pass and weeks later . They are on auto pilot and I can pick them up and throw with them As if there was never an issue, just a few minutes of warm up and willing to play match 
AT this point, with having lucked into the rob cross, I don’t think I’ll be buying any more darts in this shape. As i learned my lesson ,chasing a perfect dart in my desired design.

Sure I’ll order some sets here and there from Designa. But not interested in any new designs or new grips coming out. 

I’ve sold 30% of my collection , and kept my premium favourites.

I’m not sure how the rob cross ended up working for me so well. But as you mentioned, centre balance . I’ve got kites on them .
They are especially odd for me to have productive sessions with them.

I’ve had fun playing with everything under the sun. I’ve got the monster cobras II which I love throwing.

I would say I am just getting better.....but with so many darts in your library. It becomes nearly impossible to stay loyal To one set.

I am happy being able to shapeshift and throw any ormolu my darts with refresher warm ups and head out for a comp! 
[Image: 8iJ6ZkL.jpg]
Short and front-weighted is my go-to dart. The tungsten Dum Dums (in both 80 and 95%) have been consistent faves, and they’re somewhere in the low 30mm range. I also have a large collection of variations on the John Lowe shape that work well for me. Short stems and small flights as well — x-short grippers and mini standards. Rear gripper. No one in my local league throws anything even close, so I might be a bit of an oddball. Nothing surprising about that! Smile
Scalloped stealth darts! E.g my avatar. 
Winmau snipers 23g, g6 stems, velos flights
Straight Barrels with grips all over is the only way.
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Straight ringed barrels for me. Cool
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also a HUGE fan of the klaasen cobras! they fit my grip perfectly...Its like they were built for me lol Smile
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