Adjusted throw, now struggling with doubles
First post on the forum after lurking around reading the different threads on here for a while.

So I’ve been playing properly for around 6 months, over the Christmas period i decided to re-evaluate everything to do with my throw to improve my accuracy, some were little changes, though all round I’ve managed to improve my throwing accuracy and mechanical throw as such. It took a little while to get used to the new technique and gain confidence and I’m still adapting.

Although my scoring average has gone up, my doubles % has gone from 17-20% average to 10%, meaning that although my scoring is noticeably better, the drop in my doubles % is resulting in more practice games lost and lower confidence in these going into the new season.

Can I ask for any advice on how to get over this stumbling block from anyone else’s experiences please? Is it just one of these things I just need to practice until I get better and him confidence? Which I’m trying, with a number of different games! Any others experiences of something similar and how they got through it would be great!
Before the work on mechanics, you were probably throwing without too much thinking.  Just relax and practice outshots as part of your routine.  Especially combinations.  So they become second nature.  Pop, pop, pop.  No time to think and 2nd guess.

Helped me - but hey, no pro.  And no guarantee it'll work for you.  We're all different.

I'd say keep practicing. There are no shortcuts to getting better in a game that is played using sharp objects tossed by humans to a board less than 8 ft. from the throwing line.

You read that and is sounds easy doesn't it????

Well, it isn't but for a select few that have a natural talent for it, and they are few and far between. Us mere mortals have to stand at the oche and throw dart after dart to improve, and even then, nothing is guaranteed.

Just keep plucking away and if practicing alone at home, try to get out and play against opponents in pick-up games if that option is available. Oh, and seek out the best players that will toss some darts against you. Your learning curve will be accelerated if playing better players as opposed to people you can hammer every game.
Ye Thanks both. I’ve been working on a variety of checkouts and finishing combinations under different pressures, I do this in practice anyway. I understand there’s no shortcuts as otherwise we’d all be professionals, it was more a little advise I was looking for or other experiences of how they overcame a few issues when changing technique. It just frustrating that before my scoring was inconsistent but my doubles were ok, but it’s now reversed to where my scoring is good but doubles are poor! I feel I needed to make a change though as I was picking up bad habits contributing to an inconsistent throw, including snatching and moving my elbow and shoulder!

I practice at home but I am also in a team and inbetween seasons at the moment. I have three weeks to practice before the first league game, hopefully by that point I have gained some confidence as we also play double in!
Interesting point. Theoretically it is strange that your doubles are showing a decrease while your scoring has increased. That is if you haven’t changed your practice regime. Or can it be that you spent more time on scoring/grouping than you did before you changed throw? (and in return were a bit sloppy on the doubles because they required less attention)
It is normal to see a decrease in general after making changes, because you can no longer rely on muscle memory. But in a relative short amount of time, all aspects should improve, considering you practice them regularly.
It is strange that my doubles have suffered while my general scoring as improved. I can understand my scoring improving as I’ve been ensuring everything from my drawback to the follow through is in as straight in a line as possible to increase my grouping and scoring, though I can’t work out why this isn’t  replicated with doubles as such, but is with say 18s and 19s.

I haven’t changed my practice game atall, the only thing is I’ve not played weekly in the league which is double in, though that’s more of a pressured environment and don’t think this would have this consequence.

Maybe I’m just being impatient or as suggested I am maybe paying less attention but having seen an improvement with my general game, I’d have thought this would have been replicated with doubles. More practice it is - can only improve!
Well I do have a similar problem, but I look at it differently. My scoring power has increased, because my grouping has improved and my throw is more straight. That resulted in more darts hitting the 20 and treble 20, where before I would score 26 and 40s. My double percentage has weakened, but all my darts are near or against the wire. So although I hit less doubles, it is just a small adjustment and more practice and I will hit a lot more doubles.
Is this similar in your case or do your darts tend to drift on doubles?
It does sound like a very similar situation. I’ve just starated to hot my head against a wall with them I guess! I’m sure I’ll get there!

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