Unknown Harrows Darts around 1990
Harrows Darts around 1990

Bought my first darts around (1987-1993). I know they are from Harrows.

Unfortunaley forget the Model Name of the Barrels.

Flights and Shafts are new and not interesting.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thank you, Marcus

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Hi and welcome aboard.

Sorry i don't know what the darts are, but have moved over to the UFO's section in case anyone can help you
Wrote a message to Harrows, who gave me a very quick support. In 5 Minutes ! Unbelievable !!!

My darts are the Atlantis Black 80% Tungston in 25g from 1989.

Only build 1 year, so Harrows only sold about 2500 sets.
Nice one, great service from Harrows
They gave me a scan from the catalogue also.

Really nice support !

If anyone need the scan and it is allowed, i can post the scans.

You can post a scan.  Just have to watch the file size if you use the attach method.  As you have in the first post of this thread.  As always, more info here:


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