What happened?
I believe the key word is 'marketing'.
You may dislike the PDC beer tent atmosphere and celebrity showevents, but that stuff is selling.
The audience wants to have fun and gets it.

BDO believes in a more serious touch.
This may be good for viewing darts as a serious sport, but definitely not for attracting the masses.
And without large numbers of spectators, it is impossible to generate large amounts of money or win fat sponsors.
Therefore you will need someone who has experience as a media producer/event organiser to develop a selling concept.
There's a way to sell the product - and it's to admit their place in the grand scheme of things. Sell themselves on the fact that they are amateur/semi-pro and stop trying to compete with the PDC.

Sadly, the people at the top (and not just the Jacklins) can't seem to get this through their thick heads.
It is baffling though, the BDO (as a semi-pro level) takes the sport/crowd serious, but that doesn’t seem to sell. And then there is the proffesional PDC, that does sell out but that crowd is like they are attending an amateur sport....
Give or take a small percentage - very few of the people there are interested in the actual darts.

That isn't a dig at the PDC by the way - they found a way to sell the product and now they're reaping the benefits of it. More credit to them for that.
It's funny.

All the guys to a person that used to play in my league barring a few only knew the BDO and watched when it was on BBC. To them darts died when it moved to sky. 95% of them could name you 1 player today..

All the guys I go out drinking with who don't play darts know the Pdc, go to exbos and whilst they couldn't name the top 32 know a few of the players.

Then there's us lot on the forum who have forensic level of interest in it.

As a business man I admire and respect the Pdc success and its model. As a darts player not so much.

It's probably why I watched more bdo wc matches this year than pdc as I'm oversaturated on the same players and the product.

The BDO need a compete revision of their model and someone to look at it from a business perspective and truly assess. It could be that it's a dead end loss leader however I don't think so.
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