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Wright way to hold a dart?
(12-03-2019, 06:01 PM)Phil D Wrote: I use several different dart barrel types (I am weird that way) I have found that bomb types (ie) short stubby barrels I have to aim slightly higher than for longer barrels, the bomb types seem to drop more for me during flight. my prefered darts are around 48 to 50 mm barrel length, with these I notice very little drop (assuming they arent to heavy of course) meaning I can almost sight them onto where I am aiming, with bombs I have to allow for the drop when sighting up (and I have to use a different throwing technique) even when I feel I have it right I dont with bombs (so, I guess they just dont suit my throw) although very occasionally I get good days even throwing with bombs (dont ask why I dont know)

Bomb type darts, for me at least feel like a slightly heavier dart, than they actually are by a few grams when I throw them as well.

Thats assuming the rest of the throw went well of course (which doesnt always happen) for me personally getting the balance right has been a bit of a chore (and I still dont have it right) maybe thats one of the things I like about darts, on the face of it, its a very simple game, which it actually isnt, its quite a challenging game.

I recon someone with a sense of humour introduced darts, to the pubs, especially, bearing in mind the co ordination issues ale causes. Then again that is counter acted slightly, by being more relaxed, creating another dimention, which could be why it became so popular, to begin with.

Thanks for the read Phil!
And Dorian I love all of your threads and guides.

thanks Dorian for the awesome thread..

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