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Wright way to hold a dart?
Hi Matey's,

I am about to state the bleeding obvious now about dart throwing because it may not necessarily be that obvious to some who are perhaps not getting the consistency their good efforts deserve.

It could very well be that players here are doing most things well and whilst they can't quite figure it out, sometimes (or too often) their darts end up way off target. As most who read my little hints and tips will know, I am a firm believer that its the minor things that can provide the major results

In my case I make sure the dart in hand is parallel and perpendicular to the target as I aim and throughout my throw.

This is especially important at the point of release which needs to be as smooth a transition as I can muster. It follows that I must not grip the dart too tightly either so as to eliminate the chance that I'm imparting any sideways force that will cause the dart to stray off target during its flight obvious?..... yes!

Provided your darts generally fly true and are well balanced meaning the stem length and flight shape give you a reasonable level of 'on target' results he darts are not 'snaking' during flight, the questions arising are:

Are you moving the dart out of alignment when you are drawing back or more commonly as I've regularly observed at my club, as the dart is released?

Are you aware that you might be altering your grip position ever so slightly and/or moving your wrist as you propel the dart forward?

Rather than go into Newton's various laws of motion lets keep things simple why not ask someone to study your throw or maybe you could film your throw to check this out?

I would suggest you have a look at Peter Wright's style which exemplifies the thread well.

In summary I know we all hold the dart differently but this thread is aimed (excuse any unintentional pun) at making sure that our throwing style is not unwittingly altering the darts trajectory.

There..... bleeding obvious ain't it?

Son of Merlin

Caerleon - Wales

(Monster "Milkman" - 22.4Gm, Smooth Gold Points 36mm, Yellow Kite Shape Flights 100 micron & Solid Brass Stems)

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My father Merlin, once told me that "You should end up pointing to what you were aiming at when you've released the Dart."


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