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Keith deller:underated?
Hi guys

Ive been watching some of Deller stuff recently & I know he's lives off that 138 but what  run he had

Qualified for wc, beats seeds 1-2-3 all former or current world champions - something never done before or since in 40+ years. And let's be honest 3 of the greatest ever in Bristow, Lowe mad wilson 

Gets the first 100 average on tv

Still a pdc Pro 24 years later and still capable of getting good results against the best

I know he didn't win another major but all en all a terrific career. 

We kinda call h a one hit wonder but what a hit, likely never to be repeated!
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Sometimes that one hit can be a big one !!!
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Voted No

His WC win was the stuff of legend but apart from that he didn't really do much else (by elite player standards)

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I voted no for the same reason as Banz - he was good for a while around 1983/4 but didn't really set the world alight too much after that.

Also, moved to the players of the past room as it's not really PDC news.
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This pretty much sums Deller up, 83 was his peak in darts.
Hard to cast a vote, seems I was three years old at his peak Smile
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Well, he did win the British Professional in 1987 four years after he won the world title, which was a BDO major. Still I'd have to vote 'no' since he didn't really make an impact on the world of darts apart from his run at the '83 world championship. He's a great player that pacticipated for a long time, but I he has had the respect he deserved, which is enough.
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