Voks New 2019 Info!
Hi Nutz! 
It's been a short time, but we have been working hard on a 
New pretty much Everything to start 2020!

We will be on our 40th Year Anniversary this 2020!!!

PROUD as can be!!


2019 was a BUSY year preparing for all that we wanted to accomplish!
We succeeded and Glad to Share with everyone!

* We've had 2 new Design your own dart Winners!  clapping clapping

* We brought out 5 New Dart Models!  Moddarts

* We've been hard creating everyone a New 2020/2021 catalog! phone 

* Our ANNUAL "50-gram Limited Edition" dart has a Whole new look, design, and Color!!


Last but not least...
We bring you a 
* NEW website!!!!

If you would like our New 2020-2021 Catalog, you can PM us your email address, or comment here!

Also, LIKE our Facebook page!
Link is here!
Also, Follow us on Instagram here!
Also,   Big Grin Make sure you SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube Channel here!

See you there for all updates too!

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This is great news. Only just a couple hours ago I was cruising your site and liked what I saw. Voks is very nicely crafted equipment. Keep up the craft you do so well. Looking forward to the new year with you.
Interested in your catalogue, and yes love your darts-well crafted, quality in both your product and your people.
[Image: bIcnxOK.png]
Congrats on your 40th anniversary for next year Smile

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