Dart Sharpening
I use one of these that I bought to
sharpen my fishing hooks. Mine was
from Lidl £1.99, branded darts type
are about £8.00.
[Image: winmaucdiamondpointsharpenerblack.png]
Kevin a.k.a. "Sniper".  Moddarts
I'd say our thinking about point 'shaping' or 'sharpening' has evolved with the newer boards.  As several have mentioned, I'm in the less is more category nowadays.  I'll fix burrs, barbs and such, but that's pretty well it.  For very firm - or very worn boards - I might give a 'pinch and twist' with fine grade sandpaper.  But on a good board and darts fitted with good points, not much to do at all.
I get more than a few bounce outs most likely because I don't throw very hard. Because of that I scuff the point but am not concerned with the tip being sharp.
Liberal heathen
I like the branded sharpener. I’ll need to add that to my collection.
I've only knocked the sharp point off of mine with a diamond sharpening stone. My Target darts come with pre-rounded tips!
My New one80 Bavaria’s darts points are so sharp, and the barrels so short than when holding them in feeder hand they puncture first layer of my skinn and get caught in little skin sacks, lol!!!

Aside from that, I file off burrs and barbs, and do the old scuff trick to the length of the point , less is more I have learned.

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