Finally Finished my Soft Tip Point Review.
Maybe we got a bad batch of lip points but we can't keep them in the board. 2 kids throwing jr darts, I get them having some bounce outs, but also 2 adults that dont miss the board. I bet less then 30% stick in the board whether at home or the pub.

Switched to bulls superkey points and have not looked back. Get the occasional bounce out but not like the others.

When I run out maybe we will have to give them another go.
Great Review!
I recommend Tiga Hyper Point Tips. I use 20.5g Barrels and throw very hard (from what ive been told), and these tips are just amazing. Only comes in 2 colors, but you can choose 3 different sizes. Last Very long, and trust me, you will thank me later. Problem is that they are only sold out of Japan.
Been using Lippoint Premiums. On the Bullshooter boards, I love them. Hardly ever break one in league. Not on my Nexus board they are breaking like pretzels. If the pixels break where I can pull with pliers, I would be much happier. Now I need a push tool
Started playing again in November 2017 after a 30 year hiatus.

Match darts - XQMax MVG Gen II  23g, XQMax MVG GenII 20g Soft by Custom Darts

Bottlesen GT's 24g, Bottlesen GT’s 24g 1980 model, Bottlesen 20g GT Soft, Harrows Pulse 24g, 
Blade 5 DC

180's: Yes
Best finish: 129 ( 19, T20, B) Pro-Darter
Like fitpoint but found the Tiga points also good going, although they do only come in a pack of 25-30
Condor premium points however are awful.
I am actually a big fan of Condor premium points, they do get bent a bit easier but I find them fairly easy to straighten out, and I think only one has ever actually broken on me. Yesterday, I got a bag of premium Lippoints and a bag of the Lippoint USA style tips as I'm interested in comparing them over the next few weeks. I will have to work a set of the fit point plus tips into the rotation though, I've heard great things about them all over the place. I like the feel of longer points but I also recognize the likelihood of them being more easily bent so I am working on finding the happy medium.

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