Japan 2019
The ladies have got to the final 16. A few big names have been knocked out, second in the championship Yukie Sachaguchi and my fav - Rie Hoshino both got eliminated in the knock out stages.

a returning Mikuru slaughtered her round robin group with a soft tip rating of 17.2
a 501 average of 118.4
and a cricket marks per round of over 5.
So far she has just dropped a single leg to a plucky Haruka Sakai to make it to the final 16 .

田村 友乃Yuno Tamura --- 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki

千葉 幸奈Yukina Chiba --- 齋藤 尚美Naomi Saito

岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata --- 千葉 香純Kasumi Chiba

小宮山 亜美Ami Komiyama --- 林 桃加Momoka Hayashi

服部 杏香Kyoka Hattori --- 清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu

西口 小百合Sayuri Nishiguchi --- 西巻 千寿子Chizuko Nishimaki

鎌田 恋Ren Kamata --- 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki

木村 真理子Mariko Kimura --- 安達 美奈子Minako Adachi

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BLyBA3YBTNc youtube stream link
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Stage 15 Osaka.
Rie Hoshino started off with a tricky 2-1 win over Mika Takayama, but then lost two games Kasumi Chiba shutting Rie out 0-2 and Mai Miyano needed all three legs, in a 1-2 win over Rie...
Down to the final game  - Rie was up against Nagisa Izaki. The pressure was heavy. not only did Rie need a win but she had to win without dropping a leg.
Rie did the business! 2-0 was just enough to get a "not losing" record to rank as the 70th best in the round robin stage out of the 77 players to advance to the knock out stage.
Others to advance were Mikuru Suzuki who had four 2-0 victories. And Yukie Sakaguchi (4 wins), Yuko Hino(4wins), Mari Satome(4 wins), Mayu Shimizu(3 wins, 1 loss) , Kasumi Chiba(4 wins) and 70 other ladies (Yeah I am not going to list the other 70 names!)

Rie was drawn up against... Kana Hayashi (林 加奈) who was 59th in the round robin rankings - but rankings are not everything as you could be on a board with a group of killers or on a board made of players who are not as strong or just having a bad day.

Rie was in good spirits and slotted in a good game in the deciding leg to take the game 2-1 and advance to play...

Aika Osugi (大杉 愛華)  - Aika had ranked 6th in the round robin stages and had not dropped a leg... and Rie admitted that Aika was the stronger player despite Rie feeling moments of clarity. Knocking Rie out, 2-0. (Boo!)

Aika Osugi was then up to play ...Mayu Shimizu (清水 舞友)  - Left handed Dynasty player who sometimes wears glasses when she throws, but today she wasn't.
Mayu had already lost one game in the round robin stage (to Chihiro Tanaka) and knew the stakes were sudden death here and ground out a 2-1 win over Aika. Mayu then advanced to play...

Risa Matsumoto (松本 梨沙). Mayu was pretty ruthless winning 2-0 to advance to the last 16.


Divison 1 players who had all prequalified due to their last stages results (On the left) and those that now face them on the right who have all battled through the round robin and knockout stages.

(3-1) 田村 友乃Yuno Tamura - 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki
(3-1) 千葉 幸奈Yukina Chiba - 齋藤 尚美Naomi Saito
(3-2) 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata - 千葉 香純Kasumi Chiba
(3-2) 小宮山 亜美Ami Komiyama - 林 桃加Momoka Hayashi

(2-3) 服部 杏香Kyoka Hattori - 清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu
(1-3) 西口 小百合Sayuri Nishiguchi - 西巻 千寿子Chizuko Nishimaki
(0-3) 鎌田 恋Ren Kamata - 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki
(3-0) 木村 真理子Mariko Kimura - 安達 美奈子Minako Adachi

(Players highlighted in Bold won that game and advanced to the Quarter Finals)

Quarter finals

(2-3) 田村 友乃Yuno Tamura  - 千葉 幸奈Yukina Chiba
(3-1) 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata - 小宮山 亜美Ami Komiyama
(3-0) 清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu - 西巻 千寿子Chizuko Nishimaki
(3-0) 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki - 木村 真理子Mariko Kimura

Semi  finals
(2-3) 千葉 幸奈Yukina Chiba - 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata

----清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu - 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki

The bull throw seemed a rare slip of form Mikuru as she through a wild dart 53mm from the bull after Mayu had just got inside the outer bull. Mayu went first but Mikuru scored heavily making it almost even when it came to chekcout time.
Mayu had the first chance with 144 left, Bull left 94... but Mayu missed treble 18 by a margin and a bull left her on double 13 but   - Mikuru had 100 left and zinged in two bulls and had a dart left in her hand to take the first leg.
Mikuru's cricket leg quickly went with the throw and 2-0 up.
Mayu had a lot to do. And started well and Mikuru slipped on her first throw letting Mayu get a lead before Mikuru started to chip it away - neither playing their best until Mayu slotted home 7 mark throw to all but seal the leg, and Mikuru melted with a 1 mark reply... letting Mayu take the leg with 3 bulls and she still had a few scoring sectors open too.
Had Mikuru run out of steam?
Was the left hander about to make a sinister come back? Mayu would need to perfectly in the second 501 game this time with Mikuru throwing first.
115 from Mikuru was followed by 100, Mayu with a terrible bounce out that scored nothing (It looked like a bull to me but must have failed ot hit anything solid to reisgter the dart- obviously!)
103 from Mikuru was followed by 117 from Mayu whose first dart was loose.
150 from Mikuru put her in a solid postion, Mayu scored the same but they were all dead centre of the bull 'three in the black'. Now the scores were 133 -134 and Mikuru to throw first, but she wiffed and only scored 109
- leaving Mayu with a chance at 134...
bullseye - bullseye - double 17!
And... just - like- that!  The match was down to the wire!
All square and the crowd let loose some respectful applause and batting of the inflatable batons - Kind of classy - at least they don't spin towels over their heads!

Mikuru won the bully off... and the game was 501 with Mikuru to throw first... 150.Mayu faltered with a mere 69. Mikuru belted in another hatrick scoring 150
Mayu fell further behind with a score of 113. Mikuru hammered in her third consecutive hatrick to leave 51. Mayu scored 120 but the writing was on the wall. Mikuru missed the treble 17, then went outside of the double 17 but with her last arrow got the double 17 to take the game in just 12 arrows and also the match and advance to the Final.

(2-3) 清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu] - 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki


岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata - 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki

Natsumi won the darts - but then played off the boil to let Mikuru get to the checkout first and a 12 dart leg.
The cricket started just as poorly for Natsumi as Mikuru slotted in 7 marks on her first throw while Natsumi only hit the mark once. And Mikuru didn't let up to take the second leg. Natusmi came out strong in the third leg. and Mikuru matched her at first then she was the one to fade, only for Natsumi to really drop off the boil and then Mikuru came back hitting everything and that was it. A crushing win for Mikuru in the final...

And let us remember those who fell at the hands of the Mikuru "The Axe Murderer" Suzuki on the 21st of December in Osaka...
岩井 七海 Nanami Iwai
戸村 彩乃 Ayano Tomura
桂山 幸 Yuki Katsurayama
安井 可菜子 Kanako Yasui
古田 真紀子 Makiko Furuta
関根 麻耶 Maya Sekine
坂井 陽香 Haruka Sakai
鎌田 恋 Ren Kamata
木村 真理子 Mariko Kimura
清水 舞友 Mayu Shimizu
岩田 夏海 Natsumi Iwata

May the fallen be blessed in 2020 when the tour returns for stage 16 which takes place in Yokohama in the Ohsanbashi Hall on the 18th of January (20200118)
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Thanks for the writeup... I love the soft tip Japan tour!
Table as of stage 15 championship table

307pts (1st) 鈴木 未来 Mikuru Suzuki
254pts (2nd) 坂口 優希恵 Yukie Sakaguchi (-53)
228pts (3rd) 岩田 夏海 Natsumi Iwata (-26)
205pts (4th) 木村 真理子 Mariko Kimura (-23)
196pts (5th) 田村 友乃 Yuno Tamura (-9)

187pts (6th) 清水 舞友 Mayu Shimizu (-9)
184pts (7th) 千葉 幸奈 Yukina Chiba (-3)
172pts (8th) 鎌田 恋 Ren Kamata (-12)
171pts (9th) 宮脇 実由 Miyu Miyawaki (-1)
159pts (10th) 西口 小百合 Sayuri Nishiguchi (-12)

152pts (11th) 広瀬 晴香 Haruka Hirose (-7)
146pts (12th) 千葉 香純 Kasumi Chiba (-6)
131pts (13th) 足立 菜月 Natsuki Adachi (-15)
129pts (14th) 西巻 千寿子 Chizuko Nishimaki (-2)
128pts (15th) 齋藤 尚美 Naomi Saito (-1)

125pts (16th) 川上 真奈 Mana Kawakami (-3)
117pts (17th) 日野 優子 Yuko Hino (-8)
114pts (18th) 小宮山 亜美 Ami Komiyama (-3)
109pts (19th) 鹿内 麻友 Mayu Shikanai (-5)
108pts (20th) 服部 杏香 Kyoka Hattori (-1)

105pts (21st) 佐々木 たえこ Taeko Sasaki (-3)
104pts (22nd) 青木 恵子乃 Ekono Aoki (-1)
102pts (23rd) 吉羽 咲代子 Sayoko Yoshiba (-2)
100pts (24th) 濱田 理沙 Risa Hamada (-2)
99pts (25th) 坂井 陽香 Haruka Sakai (-1)

95pts (26th) 亀尾 さや香 Sayaka Kameo (-4)
94pts (27th) 高橋 芽生 Mei Takahashi (-1)
93pts (28th) 佐々木 粧子 Shoko Sasaki(-1)
81pts (29th) 焼山 理恵 Rie Yakiyama (-12)
80pts (30th) 林 桃加 Momoka Hayashi (-1)

78pts (31st) 星野 理絵 Rie Hoshino (-2)
73pts (32nd) 藤田 志保 Shiho Fujita (-5)
73pts (33rd) 鈴木 美保 Miho Suzuki (--)
70pts (34th)) 野倉 舞子 Maiko Nokura (-3)
68pts (35th)) 辻本 亜紀子 Akiko Tsujimoto (-2)

Rie Hoshino, has had her birthday (20200116) and so will be wearing her fancy golden dartshirt for her home event in a few hours time.
Mikuru Suzuki is absent from Yokohama, so a slim chance remains for Yukie and Natsumi to close the gap (53 and 79 points behind respectivly) with only three more points scoring events.(Kanagawa 01-18, Miyagi 02-01 and Okayama 02-22)
4th placed Mariko "I'll rip your arm out of the socket" Kimura mathematically has no chance of the title but with her and Natsumi starting the stage in the final 16 and Yukie has to run the gauntlet of the Round Robin and the early knockout stages the chances are the 2nd, 3rd and 4th places ladies should squeeze closer together in the points. ,

The stream should start at 4am Saturday in Englandshire.
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Stage 16 - Yokohama

So a much older and wrinklier Rie Hoshino took to the stage in the rather nice looking Oshanbashi Hall jutting out into the waterfront of Yokohama Harbour.

her first round robin match of the year... Yukie Sakaguchi! - The number 2 lady. Wow those brithday presents just don't stop! Rie got drubbed 2-0 by Yukie.
Still can only get better from here?
next up was Risa Matsumoto - and Rie pulle dout her best game of the year (The only other one she lost 2-0 a few minutes earlier, remember...) with a 2-0 win... back to break even... only two more to play and a winning record to advance.
The third lady Rie was pited against was, Junko Yamasaki and Rie did the business 2-0 again... just warming up!
Final game had that added enjoyment of knowing she could lose 2-0 but still advance by the thinest of rice paper margins... Rie's final round robin match on Board 31 was against, Kanae Mizobuchi and it was a close one going to the deciding leg which Rie prevailed to rank 34th (Out of 61 players with a positive record). Yukie Sakaguchi also advanced in 10th just dropping a leg to Risa Matsumoto who also did enough to squeeze into the Division 2 knockout stages.

Division 2

First up Rie was up against Nanami Sumiya (炭屋 奈々美) and it was close but in the deciding leg, Rie lost. 2-1. - Sad times.

So how about Yukie Sakaguchi?
she was up against an out of sorts off form Ren Kamata and prevailed 2-1 but was then against Aika Ohsugi who whooped her in a 2-0 beat down to really quench those slender title aspirations.

Maybe Risa Matsumoto then?
She battled Haruka Sakai and won 2-1
then played M. Suzuki - No not 'The Mikuru', but Cosmodart's Miho Suzuki (鈴木 美保) - and won 2-0 to advance - just one game and into the final 16! Risa was paired with, Maiko Koyama (小山 麻衣子) from Tokyo- who ended the fairy tale 2-0 putting out the final lady from round robin board 31 in Yokohama.

Final 16

清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu 3-1 吉羽 咲代子Sayoko Yoshiba
西巻 千寿子Chizuko Nishimaki 0-3 亀尾 さや香Sayaka Kameo
千葉 幸奈Yukina Chiba 2-3 大杉 愛華Aika Ohsugi
宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki 3-0 西條 友梨Yuri Saijo

小宮山 亜美Ami Komiyama 2-3 足立 菜月Natsuki Adachi
岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata 3-1 日野 優子Yuko Hino
木村 真理子Mariko Kimura 1-3 小山 麻衣子Maiko Koyama
田村 友乃Yuno Tamura 3-2 齋藤 尚美Naomi Saito

Those who won not only advance but will start the next stage (Miyagi) in the final 16.


清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu 3-1 亀尾 さや香Sayaka Kameo
大杉 愛華Aika Ohsugi vs 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki
足立 菜月Natsuki Adachi vs 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata
小山 麻衣子Maiko Koyama vs 田村 友乃Yuno Tamura

Semi Finals
清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu vs ???
??? vs ???
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清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu 3-1 亀尾 さや香Sayaka Kameo
大杉 愛華Aika Ohsugi 1-3 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki
足立 菜月Natsuki Adachi 2-3 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata
小山 麻衣子Maiko Koyama 3-2 田村 友乃Yuno Tamura

Semi Finals
清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu 3-1 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki
岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata 0-3 小山 麻衣子Maiko Koyama


清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu 0-3 小山 麻衣子Maiko Koyama

After a tough, tooth and nail battle with Yuno Tamora in the Quarterfinals, Maiko was just too much and she crushed Natsumi Iwata in the semi final 3-0 and then left handed Mayu Shimizu in an equally brutal 3-0 mauling. And to think this was her fourth ever attempt in the Soft Darts Pro Tour. (In Japan the Phrase is "Fourth time's the charm." I guess)

So what did Maiko Koyama do to win?

She started on Round Robin board and played 4 other players.

2-1 山本 侑奈 Yuna Yamamoto
2-0 熊谷 麻音 Mao Kumagai
2-0 池田 理瑛 Rie Ikeda
0-2 柳田 明香 Sayaka Yanagida

Only Maiko and Sayaka advanced to the knock out stages.

(Trivia - Maiko was ranked in 33rd, one place above Rie Hoshino.)

2-0 角田 糸穂 Shiho Sumida
2-1 西口 小百合 Sayuri Nishiguchi
2-0 松本 梨沙 Risa Matsumoto

and then she was in the final 16...
3-1 木村 真理子 Mariko Kimura Last 16
3-2 田村 友乃 Yuno Tamura - Quarterfinal
3-0 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata - Semi Final
3-0 清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu - Final

Sayaka Yanagida? She advanced to the last 32 but was put out by Sayoko Yoshiba, who in turn was stopped the next round by the eventual Finalist, Mayu Shimizu.)

Title table after Stage 16

1st 鈴木 未来 Mikuru Suzuki 307
2nd 坂口 優希恵 Yukie Sakaguchi 259
3rd 岩田 夏海 Natsumi Iwata 247
4th 木村 真理子 Mariko Kimura 215

5th 清水 舞友 Mayu Shimizu 212
6th 田村 友乃 Yuno Tamura 210
7th 千葉 幸奈 Yukina Chiba 194
8th 宮脇 実由 Miyu Miyawaki 190
9th 鎌田 恋 Ren Kamata 177

10th 西口 小百合 Sayuri Nishiguchi 164
11th 広瀬 晴香 Haruka Hirose 159
12th千葉 香純 Kasumi Chiba 153
13th 足立 菜月 Natsuki Adachi 145
14th 西巻 千寿子 Chizuko Nishimaki 139

15th 齋藤 尚美 Naomi Saito 138
16th 川上 真奈 Mana Kawakami 132
17th 日野 優子 Yuko Hino 127
18th 小宮山 亜美 Ami Komiyama 124
19th 服部 杏香 Kyoka Hattori 113

20th 吉羽 咲代子 Sayoko Yoshiba 112
21st 鹿内 麻友 Mayu Shikanai 111
22nd 亀尾 さや香 Sayaka Kameo 109
23rd 青木 恵子乃 Ekono Aoki 109
24th 佐々木 たえこ Taeko Sasaki 105

25th 坂井 陽香 Haruka Sakai 104
26th 濱田 理沙 Risa Hamada 102
27th 高橋 芽生 Mei Takahashi 99
28th 佐々木 粧子 Shoko Sasaki 95
29th 焼山 理恵 Rie Yakiyama 86

30th 林 桃加 Momoka Hayashi 85
31st 星野 理絵 Rie Hoshino 83
32nd 藤田 志保 Shiho Fujita 78
33rd 鈴木 美保 Miho Suzuki 78
58th 小山 麻衣子 Maiko Koyama 49
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2 stages left this year - Stage 17 this Saturday starting 4am UK time

Stage 17 - Miyagi

So dressed in her peanut butter coloured darts shirt, Rie Hoshino took to the stage in Sendai just up the road from Yokohama...
Okay several miles up the road. Miyagi is the prefecture that the city of Sendai is located (Until of course it uses those huge mechanical legs to uproot itself and lumber south for a run on Edo like it did in the autumn of 2243AD)

And Rie had a real tough set of games in the round robin that heartbreakingly went down to the final game of her last match... game was one a piece against Yui Sato. Win the last one and you scrape through... lose and it's "So long and thanks for all the cheese!"
And Yui Sato was the one to end it. Rie was in 4 close games that all went to a final leg, but she had to win two of them.
(Rie's round robin match results)
1-2 鈴木 美保 Miho Suzuki
2-1 藤田 志保 Shiho Fujita
1-2 村野 真理 Mari Murano
1-2 佐藤 唯 Yui Sato

So in a sulk I hit the beer... to wake back up for the Final 16 Division 1 matches.

Final 16

0-3 亀尾 さや香Sayaka Kameo vs 木村 真理子Mariko Kimura
1-3 大杉 愛華Aika Ohsugi vs 千葉 香純Kasumi Chiba
0-3 足立 菜月Natsuki Adachi vs 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki
3-1 小山 麻衣子Maiko Koyama vs 広瀬 晴香Haruka Hirose

3-1 清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu vs 齋藤 尚美Naomi Saito
3-2 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata vs 林 桃加Momoka Hayashi
3-1 田村 友乃Yuno Tamura vs 富山 恵理子Eriko Tomiyama
3-1 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki vs 日野 優子Yuko Hino


2-3 木村 真理子Mariko Kimura vs 千葉 香純Kasumi Chiba
3-0 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki vs 小山 麻衣子Maiko Koyama
2-3 清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu vs 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata
0-3 田村 友乃Yuno Tamura vs 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki

Was Maiko Koyama going to make it back to back stage wins? Nope. Mean Pea Green Mikuru put an end to all that fairy tale story book whimsy with another shut out.
Trinidad player (As in the darts, not the Carribean Island) Miyu was on top form to take down perenial threat, Yuno Tamura, in another solid win.

Semi Finals

0-3 千葉 香純Kasumi Chiba vs 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki

3-0 sounds rough but Kasumi was on form and nearly took the second leg. Just a single dart and it would have been 1-1 rather than 2-0. Mikuru is great but it would only take a moment of clarity for an opponent to sneak a leg, then another than take the match, just not this time.

3-1 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata vs 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki
Natsumi took the first leg in 11 darts with the only real way to do an 86 checkout - Bullseye- Double 18.
Miyu then leveled it with a strong cricket leg but then Natsumi took the next tgame of cricket. Miyu then broke the machine with a zinger of a Bullseye that the soft tip machine read as a "Single 5"... then the referee, Naomi Saito, didn't update the score.
Poor little Miyu - when the world is out to get you!


鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki vs 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata
Slow start from Mikuru and she left herself with Double 12 after 12 darts... Natsumi had 134... and Natsumi slotted home an early first game break with a Bullseye - Bullseye - Double 17 twelve dart zinger.
The first cricket leg was pretty scrappy stuff. but Mikuru prevailed and seemed to be on the up to level the match.
The second cricket leg started with Mikuru with the darts but Natsumi chipped away to steal away the lead and the darts. Then both players seemed to take a breath and coast... only for both to unleash a fusilade of 6-7-9 mark rounds and the advantage swung back and forth between the pair. But just at the end Mikuru took a tight game and took the lead for the first time in the match.
Natsumi started the second 501 game with the darts, and after nine she left 135, Mikuru was down to 95...
Natsumi bull, treble 10 ... no way out on 55... so took a single 5
Mikuru then hit a single 20... single 15 and with her final dart the game winning treble 20 to take the match and the stage 17 victory.
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Thanks for the writeup Ryk!
B: 23g   S: Medium   F: Standard   180s: 1/25

The Bad Darter
Introduction to the final stage of the 2019 season stage 18 in Okayama.

So barring Mikuru doing something reprehensible (Maybe discovery of an Illegal Banned Substance such as Performance Enhancing Green Paint on her barrels?) and getting a drastic penalty to her points score then Mikuru Suzuki is the 2019 champion.

But what about the rest of this motley bunch of little lady chuckers?

Second place is not quite all wrapped up. Third placed Yukie Sakaguchi is 6 points behind second placed Natsumi Iwata.
Yukie has to survive the round robin and division 2 stages just to score the same points as Natsumi and she already has a 6 point lead and 10 points in the bag as she is already starting in the last 16 due to her stirling performance in Sendai last time out. But a foul up from Natsumi and some vintage Yukie could reverse their positions...

Natsumi - out in last 16 - Yukie has to battle all the way into the semi finals
Natsumi - out in quarterfinals - Yukie has to at least get to the final
(Same is true for if Natsumi gets into the semifinals. Scores would be level at 291 but Yukie has 3 stage wins to Natsumi's zero.)
If Natsumi gets to the final then Yukie has to win the final between them to regain second place in the standings...
But all Yukie has to do is win the stage to definatly retake second place in the final standings... How hard can it be?

Other tight squabbles are... Mariko Kimura (TIGA), Mayu Shimizu (Dynasty) and Yuno Tamura (Cosmodarts) - 4th, 5th and 6th with a spread of just 5 points - all three start in the last 16 whichever of them has a good stage should take them into 4th place

A real outside chance to steal 4th is tiny Trinidad player Miyu Miyawaki , currently is in 7th place and 20 points down on Mariko. Miyu needs to play at the very best of her ability and hope Mariko loses her first Match and Yuno and Mayu to both get knocked out in or before the quarterfinals - Sounds easy when you type it out. Oh Miyu would also have to win the final

"とても簡単、ただ不便." as they say in Okayama.

All four ladies (Mariko/Mayu/Yuno/Miyu) start in the last 16 - so all to play for the ultimate glory of 4th place!

Kasumi Chiba has a shot to slide up to 9th and pass Ren Kamata. Her solid result last time out should also lift the pressure of the ladies behind her from easily out pointing her. As Sayuri Nishiguchi and Haruka Hirose oth have to battle through from the round robin stages

Rie Hoshino? back in 31st. a solid result may let her slip past Rie Yakiyama in 30th - (Best Rie in the Japan 2019 title goes to...)

But there is a gaggle of players just behind Rie that have a chance to steal a few places. But my bigworry would be Maiko Koyama who is on white hot form only losing 2 of her last 15 matches (One of which was to Mikuru) and she is already in the last 16 at the Okayama Convex Centre. .

Rankings after Stage 17

1st 鈴木 未来 --- Mikuru Suzuki 339pts
2nd 岩田 夏海 --- Natsumi Iwata 272pts
3rd 坂口 優希恵 --- Yukie Sakaguchi 266pts

4th 木村 真理子 --- Mariko Kimura 229pts
5th 清水 舞友 --- Mayu Shimizu 226pts
6th 田村 友乃 --- Yuno Tamura 224pts
7th 宮脇 実由 --- Miyu Miyawaki 209pts
8th 千葉 幸奈 --- Yukina Chiba 201pts
9th 鎌田 恋 --- Ren Kamata 184pts

10th 千葉 香純 --- Kasumi Chiba 172pts
11th 西口 小百合 -- Sayuri Nishiguchi 171pts
12th 広瀬 晴香 --- Haruka Hirose 169pts
13th 足立 菜月 --- Natsuki Adachi 155pts
14th 齋藤 尚美 --- Naomi Saito 148pts

15th 西巻 千寿子 --- Chizuko Nishimaki 144pts
16th 川上 真奈 --- Mana Kawakami 139pts
17th 日野 優子 --- Yuko Hino 137pts
18th 小宮山 亜美 ---Ami Komiyama 131pts
19th 亀尾 さや香 ---Sayaka Kameo 119pts

20th 吉羽 咲代子 --- Sayoko Yoshiba 117pts
21st 鹿内 麻友 --- Mayu Shikanai 116pts
22nd 青木 恵子乃 --Ekono Aoki 114pts
23rd 服部 杏香 --- Kyoka Hattori 113pts
24th 濱田 理沙 --- Risa Hamada 107pts

25th 坂井 陽香 --- Haruka Sakai 106pts
26th 佐々木 たえこ Taeko Sasaki 105pts
27th 高橋 芽生 --- Mei Takahashi 104pts
28th 佐々木 粧子 ---Shoko Sasaki 100pts
29th 林 桃加 --- Momoka Hayash 95pts

30th 焼山 理恵 --- Rie Yakiyama 88pts
31st 星野 理絵 --- Rie Hoshino 85pts
32nd 鈴木 美保 --- Miho Suzuki 83pts
33rd 藤田 志保 --- Shiho Fujita 80pts
34th 佐藤 唯 --- Yui Sato 78pts

35th 辻本 亜紀子 --- Akiko Tsujimoto 78pts
36th 野倉 舞子 --- Maiko Nokura 77pts
37th 佐久間 比呂美 -Hiromi Sakuma 74pts
38th 髙畠 悠 --- Haruka Takahata 73pts
39th 高橋 明日香 --- Asuka Takahashi 71pts

40th 武藤 なみ子 --- Namiko Muto 70pts
41th 富山 恵理子 --- Eriko Tomiyama 69pts
42th 山本 侑奈 --- Yuna Yamamoto 68pts
43th 林 加奈 --- Kana Hayashi 66pts
44th 小山 麻衣子 --- Maiko Koyama 63pts

45th 立石 裕美 --- Hiromi Tateishi 63pts
46th 及位 千恵子 --- Chieko Nozoki 61pts
47th 村野 真理 --- Mari Murano 61pts
48th 松本 梨沙 Risa Matsumoto 61pts
49th 井能 実奈子 Minako Inou 61pts
50th 高橋 美里 Misato Takahashi 60pts

Point Scoring system.
2pts Eliminated in the Round Robin
5pts Advance beyond the Round Robin (Division 2)
7pts Reach the Last 32
10pts Reach the Last 16 (Division 1)
14pts Quarterfinalist (Last 8)
19pts Semi finalist (Last 4)
25pts Second Place
32pts Winner
Ryk is currently using:-
 鈴木 未来  Jadeite 24g
::  L-Shaft Locked Slim 300 Emerald :: Metal Champagne Ring Aqua :: - L-Flight Dimple Solid Emerald  :: Winmau Blade 6 ::
Thanks for the write-up Ryk!

I try to watch when I can, but it is on so early sleep
B: 23g   S: Medium   F: Standard   180s: 1/25

The Bad Darter
Here is the link for Saturday - start time is 4am UK time

Not sure where they are up to at the moment, but this is streaming now - link in post above
Stage 18 - Okayama
Heath precautions with the corona virus so everyone was checked upon entry into the Convex exhibition centre in Okayama with a group of medtechs armed with laser themometers and issued with a an endless supply of freshly grown face masks - - Perfect time to pull a swictheroo and get a ringer in to play a few games? (Not trying to suggest that Vincent Van der Voort dressed in a slinky wig and a sailer girl short skirt could double as Yuko Hino... he hasn't got the legs for that! (Yuko is 167cm tall and I think Vincent is around the 200cm area. (Cut to a low angle shot of a group of Japanese civilians running in terror from a rampaging Vincent - in a short skirt - pulling down electrical power cables in the background.)
(Maybe a Godzilla and Japanese lady in happier times picture? Sorry I am trying to be whimsical as MONSTER were the big darts name from this City.)

So final match of the season for Rie Hoshino (And, indeed everyone else!) - She was in the round robin and up against a cluster of players who were just as eager to advance....
(Rie's Group - Board 52)

1-2 日野 優子|Yuko Hino
2-0 木田 朱美|Akemi Kida
2-1 岡根 すずか|Suzuka Okane
1-2 井崎 なぎさ|Nagisa Izaki
岩井 七海|Nanami Iwai (Didn't play against Rie)

After three matches, Rie had done enough to qualify so losing a close game to Nagisa wasn't the end of the world for either as both qualified. Yuko Hino - Nagisa Izaki and Rie Hoshino all advanced to the division 2 knockout rounds.
佐々木 粧子 Shoko Sasaki was first up for Rie and beat her 2-1.

Yuko Hino? she also lost her very first knockout match - but a much more lopsided 2-0 score. To 酒居 結 Yui Sakai
Yui Lost her very next game 2-0 to 荒浪 麻衣 Mai Aranami.
Mai Lost her very next game 2-0 to 西口 小百合 Sayuri Nishiguchi.
Sayuri advance into the final 16 (Division 1) - (only to lose her next game - 3-1  - Passing the curse on to Natsumi Iwata, maybe?)
Nagisa Izaki also lost her very first game in division 2 - Not the best day for the players of Board 52.

Final 16
1-3 千葉 香純Kasumi Chiba vs齋藤 尚美Naomi Saito
3-0 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki vs  林 桃加Momoka Hayashi
3-2 木村 真理子Mariko Kimura vs山本 侑奈Yuna Yamamoto
1-3 小山 麻衣子Maiko Koyama vs 小宮山 亜美Ami Komiyama
3-1 田村 友乃Yuno Tamura vs 青木 恵子乃Ekono Aoki
3-0 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki vsキム ヒョジンKim Hyojin
3-1 清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu vs坂口 優希恵 Yukie Sakaguchi
3-1 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata vs西口 小百合Sayuri Nishiguchi

So with Yukie out here Natsumi secured 2nd place in the final championship standings

Quarterfinal 16

Semi Finals

Stage 18 - Okayama

Final 16 10pts
1-3 千葉 香純Kasumi Chiba vs齋藤 尚美Naomi Saito
3-0 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki vs  林 桃加Momoka Hayashi
3-2 木村 真理子Mariko Kimura vs山本 侑奈Yuna Yamamoto
1-3 小山 麻衣子Maiko Koyama vs 小宮山 亜美Ami Komiyama
3-1 田村 友乃Yuno Tamura vs 青木 恵子乃Ekono Aoki
3-0 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki vsキム ヒョジンKim Hyojin
3-1 清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu vs坂口 優希恵 Yukie Sakaguchi
3-1 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata vs西口 小百合Sayuri Nishiguchi

With Yukie battleing into the last  16 only to fall to Mayu in the final game of 501 - Natsumi has secured 2nd place and Yukie is locked into 3rd place.
The four way between Mariko, Mayu Yuno and Miyu is still going on. But with Mariko advancing, Miyu can't steal 4th place, but she can pull off a final stage charge to slip passed Yuno or Mayu should they stumble.
Mariko - 243 - 248 -254 - 261
Mayu - 240 - 245 - 251 - 258
Yuno - 238 - 243 - 249 - 256
Miyu - 223 - 228 - 234 - 241
Little matrix of potential scores should they win the quarterfinal, semi final or final matches with their current scores in the last 8 players on the left.
Quarterfinal  14pts
齋藤 尚美Naomi Saito - vs. 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki
Naomi was the player/referee in the previous round who accidentally didled Miyu out of a darts worth of points in her losing game... Probably not the revenge match I imagine it to be! Miyu has no option but to keep on winning and hope Yuno and Mayu trip up in this round.

木村 真理子Mariko Kimura - vs.小宮山 亜美Ami Komiyama
Mariko has destiny in her own right hand - Just keep winning and 4th place is hers. Mariko took her game with Yuna Yamamoto down to the deciding leg. She will need to battle hard to beat the mercurial Ami Komiyama who has the game to beat Mariko. And although Mariko seems ot have the motivation  - Ami started the day in 18th place but a couple more wins and she could rise up the table to maybe 15th leapfrogging such bigs names as Yuko Hino and Mana Kawakami .

田村 友乃Yuno Tamura vs.  鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki
Yuno started the day in 6th place but has drawn the toughest game with Mikuru Suzuki. No shame in losing to the Miracle but a win over the champion in this final stage could be a career effecting boost of confidence. And should Yuno advance the reality is win the final and she will be in 4th place and slip passed Mariko and Mayu.

清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu vs. 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata
Everyones favourite left handed short sighted lady player probably has the second hardest draw, Natsumi Iwata has been super strong in the final part of the season. She needs ot win to fend off the challenge of Yuno and Miyo and also keep the hope of overhauling Mariko - Again all she has ot do is keep on winnign and 4th place is hers . 

1-3齋藤 尚美Naomi Saito - vs. 宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki
3-0木村 真理子Mariko Kimura - vs.小宮山 亜美Ami Komiyama
2-3田村 友乃Yuno Tamura - vs.  鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki
2-3清水 舞友Mayu Shimizu vs. 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata

Well Miyu did get the win over Naomi and both Yuno and Mayu were vanquished in hard fought loses. Miyu's chance to gain places is all in her hands now.
Mariko crushing Ami secures her in 4th place in the championship by holding off a cluster of ladies and even extending her lead over them.
Mikuru and Natsumi will face each other in the semi final.
Semi Finals 19pts

宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki vs. 木村 真理子Mariko Kimura -
鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki vs. 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata

Miyu and Mariko  - Mariko secure in 4th Miyu playing to try to win the final and leap up form 7th into 5th place.
Mikuru and Natsumi have faced each other a number of times. Natsumi breaking down into floods of tears last year (Actually 2018 - wow - Tempus fugit!) - Usually Mikuru has the edge but Natsumi knows she has the game to beat The Miracle and has done it before (Even if she did appologise for doing so, like a real tattooed lady should.)
2-3宮脇 実由Miyu Miyawaki vs. 木村 真理子Mariko Kimura -
2-3 鈴木 未来Mikuru Suzuki vs. 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata

Two more super duper close games going down to the last leg. Mariko brushing aside her recent faltering form to finish strongly and edge a plucky Miyu Miyawaki.
Natsumi vs Mikuru and another barn burner and another time Mikuru shows her human side with a loss. and Nasumi avenges her final defeat last time out in Sendai.

FINAL STAGE 18 25pts & 32pts
木村 真理子Mariko Kimura -vs.  岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata

Nothing to play for other than the glory of the final stage win. And yes after all that waffle, preamble and permutations none of the top 8 altered positions!
But it could have! Honest!

Mariko vs Natsumi - Who will win the final game of the season?

2-3.  木村 真理子Mariko Kimura vs. 岩田 夏海Natsumi Iwata

And the winner of Stage 18 in Okayama is Natsumi Iwata with yet another super close game that went down to the ... wire.
In fact 5 of the final 7 matches all went to a deciding leg, which shows just how close the Japanese ladies players are... one moment of clarity can win a leg. Just one stumble in a leg and the leg is lost.


Picture of the final eight in the awards for the Ladies tour.

(Left to right - Yukina - Yuno - Mariko - Natsumi - Mikuru - Yukie - Mayu - Miyu)

Final championship standings for the 2019 Japan Soft Tip Pro Tour.
 (Top 32)
1st 鈴木 未来|Mikuru Suzuki  358
   2nd 岩田 夏海|Natsumi Iwata 304
   3rd 坂口 優希恵|Yukie Sakaguchi 276
   4th 木村 真理子|Mariko Kimura 254
   5th 清水 舞友|Mayu Shimizu 240
   6th 田村 友乃|Yuno Tamura 238
   7th 宮脇 実由|Miyu Miyawaki 228
   8th 千葉 幸奈|Yukina Chiba 208
9th 鎌田 恋|Ren Kamata 191
   10th 千葉 香純|Kasumi Chiba 182
   11th 西口 小百合|Sayuri Nishiguchi 181
   12th 広瀬 晴香|Haruka Hirose 174
   13th 富川 尚美|Naomi Saito 162
   14th 足立 菜月|Natsuki Adachi 157
   15th 西巻 千寿子|Chizuko Nishimaki 149
   16th 川上 真奈|Mana Kawakami 146
17th 小宮山 亜美|Ami Komiyama 145
   18th 日野 優子|Yuko Hino 142
   19th 青木 恵子乃|Ekono Aoki 124
   20th 鹿内 麻友|Mayu Shikanai 123
   21st 吉羽 咲代子|Sayoko Yoshiba 122
   22nd 亀尾 さや香|Sayaka Kameo 121
   23rd 服部 杏香|Kyoka Hattori 113
   24th 濱田 理沙|Risa Hamada 112
25th 坂井 陽香|Haruka Sakai 111
   26th 高橋 芽生|Mei Takahashi 109
   27th 佐々木 粧子|Shoko Sasaki 107
   28th 佐々木 たえこ|Taeko Sasaki 105
   29th 林 桃加|Momoka Hayashi 105
   30th 焼山 理恵|Rie Yakiyama 93
   31st 星野 理絵|Rie Hoshino 90
   32nd 鈴木 美保|Miho Suzuki 88

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