My Fellow Canadians
(04-24-2018, 04:58 PM)nixer55 Wrote: Big Grin @Wongerchi, suspected John's reply might have that result  Tongue  Regardless, it's a wonderful dilemma...

Yes I have to admit that it was a “loaded” reply  Big Grin

My #1's - Red Dragon Razor Edge RX1  Big Grin
My Backups - Red Dragon Freestyles  Smile
Just cause they're puuurdy - Red Dragon Delta 1's  Tongue

Oh, can't forget ..... oh damn, too many to list Tongue

It's great to see a Canadian online retailer where the prices look more than fair. Def going to use "Triple 20"

Thanks for posting this people, sometimes finding dart supplies within the area is more than a challenge.
great little find, hard to find Canadian retailers on par with British sellers.
(03-28-2018, 04:10 PM)Crusher17 Wrote: Hey everyone

Was wondering if anyone knew or had info about this place , my friend sent me a link to this site, there Red Dragon & One80 prices are great for Canada they also have some Target & Harrows which seem to be a bit more, also have pre-order for Gladiator 3 boards, the site is a work in progress it says as there updating it

Excellent, I've been looking for better value for my $ on this side of the pond. Thanks for sharing!
Darts is meditation. 

Barrels: Designa Ultralites V2 - Twin Micro Grip - Steel Tip - 18g
Stems: Designa Medium (Nylon, GlowLite)
Flights: Designa, Harrows (Standard or Shape No. 6, 75 micron)
Board: One80 Gladiator III

(Trident 180 Point Cones, no springs, no flight protectors.)
Sitesdown temp...
Looks like a hosting problem, not an error - not good.
The site is no more, he tried to sell and last i heard he hadn't

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