The latest of my collection. I was lucky enough to find this gem a few weeks ago. The Equalizer dartboard is unique in that it has two double and two triple rings. I believe the intent is to provide a handicap for the weaker player in a match. Notice that the width of the inner rings have a smaller target area than the outer.

[Image: 10660078223_02514b88bd.jpg]
WINMAU EQUALIZER by markbrindza, on Flickr[Image: 10659880074_ec1c350aaa.jpg]
EQUALIZER DARTBOARD by markbrindza, on Flickr
My Dart and Dartboard Collection - www.flickr.com/photos/dart-dartboard/

[Image: bord6.png]
Thats awesome, never seen that one before, but there is only one Equalizer!

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[Image: 87L1RR5.png]
I like that board! i think its a great idea. I play my wife and other family members/friends who like darts a little but aren't very good and stand little chance. a nice wee handicap would help them a little, maybe give them a better score and thusly have more fun!
[Image: fXeMWagh.png]
Surprised this board never took off commercially.
thats a terrific idea. missus ,might not grumble so much with something like that.
MATCH DARTS: 26g Robbo's
Yeah she might not feel like she has to stand 3ft closer to the board!
[Image: fXeMWagh.png]
admiring your collection of boards. thanks for posting them. i had to go look at my old nodor board after seeing these

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