Big Shoutout to Dartsclearance
I purchased a set of 26g Pentathlon which are a good dart although ive not thrown them much at all much

just around a dozen or so throws and so really a new set  ..Also sent for a set of 24g slim set which some mention

now can get at 24g and theyre a good dart ..and I havent thrown them at all as yet
as I feel its really best to stand bye set you play with currently and i have the current set say 2 yrs ago i play with
and like and so around 6 months ago because i stuck with them as liked them ok i sent for a 2nd set of the same
and they have not been out of their box ..not expensive darts at just under £20 a set but for me a bargain
with the all ring grip i like and ive seen many sets so much more expensive you can pay for in darts

but them darts for the price are a bargain and why i sent for a 2nd set put bye in case of stolen set

or just through wear but the wearing is lasting well on them around 2 yrs ive thrown them and still good .

Id be able to play with the both sets of darts also from darts clearance i purchased also
and do recommend them > Again for the price a bargain .
I`ve bought a few sets of darts from them and the service and the darts have been great.
Yes its me, I checked in the mirror. 

Current throwing weights of 18 to 24 grams.

Current darts set up :- 23 gram, darts clearance (no name scalloped darts) with a 50 mm barrel, 41 mm nylon shafts + standard flights.

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