Unicorn Half Pints - all of them :-)
Back in August 2012, inspired by seeing some of Darren's collection, I decided to start collecting vintage darts and memorabilia myself.

I had a wishlist of sets that I wanted to get which I have near enough completed - these included original Silver Comets, Accudart Variants, Dorwins, Jim Pikes, Schofields, Unicorn Bantams and original Dum Dums which I have got, and others which I am still to get such as Unicorn Omegas and a set of News Of The World silver darts. I've also managed to get several other sets along the way including some Jack Hoods and a couple of Northwood Collapsibles.

Also on my wishlist were some Unicorn Half Pint darts which were introduced by Unicorn in 1947 and are scale replicas of some of the Unicorn number series darts of the time.

They were released in 10 different variations as follows:

[Image: cmYjTHb.jpg]

In the first two years of collecting I had managed to get 9 of the variations. It's taken almost another two years but I have just taken delivery of the 10th and final set in the collection. Here is my little collection:

[Image: 7W9bssm.jpg]

[Image: K5myfXT.jpg]

[Image: rwZKMnP.jpg]

[Image: or0ZkRF.jpg]

175 (the final set that just arrived):
[Image: BepaY7G.jpg]

[Image: d1l8Cix.jpg]

[Image: gw7YM4C.jpg]

178 (the first set I picked up):
[Image: fsn5Suy.jpg]

[Image: cpZZLzE.jpg]

[Image: P0xD6py.jpg]

Given the number of variations I would have been pleased to get just 2 or 3 of the sets, but I'm well chuffed to have finally got all 10 variations Big Grin
Great collection mate! No wonder you're chuffed.
Them 172's look lovely, like tiny little sigmas Smile
[Image: JgVnja8.png]
Nice one Mike, I am not sure but I may have had more than one set of the 175, I know I have more than one set of a few of them, great little darts though Smile
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nice collection mate
Lovely collection thanks for sharing
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[Image: op13lZ6.png]
Any chance of a shot with a set of rastas in view, just to give a sense of scale? Lovely collection though mate
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Not the best picture, but here you go

[Image: comparison_zpsv8zshen4.jpg]
Very nice collection!
Very interesting collection! Good you finally found the last piece of the puzzle Smile
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[Image: 27109455994_c22fa3b697_c.jpg]
Blimey! Cheers mc, great photo! They're so tiny haha
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Back after a hiatus, getting over dartitis 
A really, really nice collection Mike! Thanks for sharing! I would be so totally over the moon if I has an entire set like that!   Smile And when you showed it next to a normal dart, you can really see the 'half-pintness'!  Big Grin
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A beginner - always experimenting and trying to learn! So I can fool around with loads of set-ups and techniques! Lol! Big Grin
Cheers for sharing this lovely vintage collection. They really are dinky little darts!
[Image: PelXyih.png]
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Lovely wee collection bud. I'm sure your glad to get the last set.

Similar size to the Golden Match ones that they done?
[Image: oz1OCc3.jpg]
Lots bigger than the Golden Match darts - here is a better comparison pic with Golden Match, Princess, Half Pint and Rasta

[Image: compo_zpsequxrsum.jpg]

Not sure how many different variations of Princess darts Unicorn released but I won't be collecting those as well - I've got 4 sets, 2 of which are the same

Great (little) collection!

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