Adding a Score Overlay to you Home-/Pubgame Recording or Broadcast
(06-01-2016, 06:03 PM)Shotgun Wrote: Nah, i have a midrange Laptop and it runs fine.
To add some Numbers, it is a Core i5 5200U @ 2,2 Jigahertz (nerdy old movie reference) , 4 Gig RAM and Win10/64.
Nothing Fancy.

And the Free Version of xsplit is just fine.
You have a Watermark if you stream 1080p (not if you use 720p) and less Scenes to Configure. The 3 Scenes in the free version are enough if you ask me.

thank you mate i'll try it.
I just started to do similar, but use OBS Studio with N01. N01 is awesome for this, but I wish there was a way to get the score from a tablet that's being used to score a match streamed wirelessly to N01 on the laptop doing the recording.
Some of my video can be seen here:
OBS studio is good because you can stream and record at the same time, with different resolutions if you want. I haven't streamed live yet. It also has different scenes you can switch too. So you could have another camera overlooking the crowd for example, or put up sponsorship information and match stats page, like I did. You can also have multiple layers etc on every scene. And it's totally free, and getting developed pretty heavily. New features are getting added every month.

A couple of notes for anyone. Some of the problems I've encountered.
1 - using a long USB extension. With 2 webcams, I had lots of errors using a long usb extension, until I got one that was powered at the hub at the end. Search amazon - I think it was around $30 for cable plus power supply.
2 - if using 2 cameras, don't get the exact same model. I tried using 2 Logitechs of the same model, but they conflicted. Now have 2 different Logitech models and they work great. Also have a $5 ebay camera that I'm going to try to get working as well, maybe as a crowd cam.
3 - Watch out of the background music. It can get flagged in YouTube for copyright issues. Usually not a big deal, but sometimes not playable in some countries, or the original artist wants to post adds over your video
4 - Watch out for background. If your set up on a stage, not worries, but on floor level, you will have people etc, standing around behind. Also, if you are facing a door etc, every time it opens, the light makes the camera want to change focus a bit.
5 - turn off autofocus if you can, especially for the player cam
6 - For the scoreboard, don't have it too close to the bottom. If you look at the last video's I did, it's right at the bottom, but when watching on YouTube, the scroll bar sometimes hides it. Next time, I will have it up a bit more.
Dart players like to finish first!
Perfect!   Gonna use it i my pub
That's the one mate cheers, lot to take in I'll give it a go

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struggling to see tools option in n01?
porb no chance lol
(05-15-2016, 09:25 PM)Shotgun Wrote: Removed entire quoted guide

This is brilliant! Thank you.
Can you use it for dartsconnect
(07-18-2019, 11:09 AM)China Jouannet Wrote: Can you use it for dartsconnect

First, welcome to the forum.  Second, this thread is 3 years old, so not sure you'll get many answers to your question.

Not sure you're referring to "Dartsconnect", or "Dartconnect" - DCTV.  The latter is an application powered by your browser, so having an option to integrate with xsplit seems unlikely.  But you could always ask them at . Wink 

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thank you very much markus! xsplit is exactly the software i was looking for Smile
Can someone give me some in depth insight into setting up a broadcast match to be streamed exactly
like a PDC streamed event? I have 2 IP wireless cameras - one I am going to point at the top half of the
board and the other I am pointing at the bottom half of board. I also have a webcam from my laptop that
will show me throwing the darts. What free software do I need to use to split the screens so that it looks
exactly like a streamed PDC event and how do I change between the views when throwing at different points
of the board. also, what scoreboard software can I use wirelessly to input the scores via a smartphone, etc
to control the input of scores and have it overlayed at the bottom of the throwers camera?

I have followed the above tutorial but still new to this but want to start broadcasting games like
professional level to play other players in this isolation period and then join Webcam Darts once I'm
happy with everything. Any help. please?

The Undertaker

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