Jockey Wilson darts
A friend has just been given a set of these darts in a jockey wilson case, can anyone tell if they are his darts and a rough value please. He owes me and these may settle the score if they are worth having.

[Image: IMG_1605_zpse6pku8yc.jpg]
Is the midsection engraved ?
may all the doubles be with you

couldnt see any engraving on the dart he showed me,
I have the same set.
This model had a plain middle (no engraving).
I'd guess anywhere from £30 to £50...
Always hard to say for sure as if two people want them then they could go for more
They are jocky wilson engraved, later engraved as Jocky with blue coating rings
may all the doubles be with you

Good news, thanks for the feedback.
I had 2 sets of the ones like that, sold them for about £12 each then poor old Jocky died and people were getting around £50+ for them on ebay! Crazy!
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