[Image: 20388474894_3cc2ce0e8c_c.jpg]BLACK HORSE ALE DARTBOARD by markbrindza, on Flickr

Don't know much about this dartboard. I am not familiar with the beer and have know idea how old this board is. It is in mint condition on one side and has three holes in the bullseye on the other. My guess the previous owner placed them there for show. Both sides are identical. No baseball game on the back. The board is made of bass wood 1" thick,similar to a Darto board I have. There are no identifying marking of a manufacturer.

I am curious if anyone has heard of this beer and where it comes?
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Like the colours on that Smile
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Great board that, looks like it could have been made for a fair or show to advertise the beer?

Could be Fred Kock brewery (1960's)?

As you can see, 'won first place in the Crown contest' - hence the 2 crowns on the board?
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Could sink a couple of tin's while your playing, for nostalgia of course Rebel
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