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(05-08-2016, 06:13 PM)JHood Wrote: Hi everyone, new poster here looking for a little help if possible.  Jack Hood was my grandad and I'm desperately trying to get a set of his old darts to show my daughter.  If there are any sets available please let me know, would be greatly appreciated.  Cheers

Hello and welcome aboard!

That's cool your related to Jack Hood, would be good to hear some of your familys history of him if your happy to share.

Is there nothing left from his business, I think Patrick Chaplin knows more about Jack Hood than I do and he may have even spoken to you already.

I have a couple of sets of Jack Hood darts but they are not so easy to find and as a collector I would be reluctant to part with them, the best you can hope for is to keep checking on ebay and hope a set comes up but your likely to have to pay a fair price if they do Smile
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Thank you for your reply!  I believe Patrick has already spoken to my Mum about most things relating her Dad.  Unfortunately I never really got to meet him as he died when I was 2.  Jack that is.  It was his Dad that actually started the company but the factory burnt down in the 70's I think and they never started again.

Thank you for the advice, will be vigilant in my search!  If you do hear of anything would be very grateful. 


Hi there - my Nan was Jack Hoods daughter and had many stories about making the darts and dartboards from their house in Bow Common Lane in London.  They did have factories but they were bombed in WW2 in east london.
That's great, will be nice if you can share as much as your able to Smile

Welcome aboard! Smile
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