Name the signatures!
20 years ago I was at Butlins, Ayr in 1995 with my family while there was a darts tournament on.
It was my Mothers and Step Fathers Anniversay and received a match board signed as a gift.

Well I asked my mum to dig it out and here's the pictures!

[Image: IMG-20150613-WA0005_zps62jaicic.jpg]" border="0" alt="resim" onload="NcodeImageResizer.createOn(this);" />

[Image: IMG-20150613-WA0007_zpsrtjncy2w.jpg]" border="0" alt="resim" onload="NcodeImageResizer.createOn(this);" />

[Image: IMG-20150613-WA0012_zpsz5cg5s4x.jpg]" border="0" alt="resim" onload="NcodeImageResizer.createOn(this);" />

[Image: IMG-20150613-WA0015_zps0rcelnvz.jpg]" border="0" alt="resim" onload="NcodeImageResizer.createOn(this);" />

[Image: IMG-20150613-WA0008_zpstk4ucb9r.jpg]" border="0" alt="resim" onload="NcodeImageResizer.createOn(this);" />

[Image: IMG-20150613-WA0003_zpspz4exqga.jpg]" border="0" alt="resim" onload="NcodeImageResizer.createOn(this);" />

I called dibs on it! lol


This board was the one used in the Phil Taylor and Jocky Wilson v Keith Dellar and Jamie Harvey. Which is awesome I think.
Taylor and Wilson double partners used that board Smile
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Fantastic piece of darting history. Awesome !

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Very nice
That's great!!!

I was at Butlins Ayr in 1990 I think it was, was sunny all week and great fun, was also were I got stung by a wasp for the first and only time lol
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Wow the board is well preserved too. There is a special spray they used in drafting papers to put a thin laminating film over the drawing paper to make it water proof. They call it Fix-A-Tif. Just in case you want them weather proof and free from any accidental stains or spillages, etc.
A great talking piece of dart history, in great condition too!
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That is excellent. The number of signatures is amazing. A darting classic Smile
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That's so awesome.

The nerd in me wants to save that picture with the signatures, open it up in photoshop, and try to figure out every name (magnify/use a paint brush to x out a name when you figure it out).

It also reminds me of my horrible signature. Years of doing real estate (signing stacks of paper) made my signature smaller and smaller until now it's just my initials and a few squiggles...and I ended up keeping it.
Wow that is awesome Smile

"The nerd in me wants to save that picture with the signatures, open it up in photoshop, and try to figure out every name (magnify/use a paint brush to x out a name when you figure it out)."

You won't :p
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