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Tri Nations Darts Limited - mc1958 - 03-23-2020

Today the Tri-Nations send out their vision of the future of grass root darts. I would like to thank everyone involved from England Scotland and Wales in the support and preparation of these documents which can be viewed from the National websites of the three countries

“A Path for the Future”

Though no-one can know how long the Covid 19 crisis will last or how seriously the affects will have on our lives generally and or in darts specifically. However, the newly appointed executive of Tri-Nations Darts felt that the following statement of intent was appropriate at this time.

As we are all aware there has been considerable uncertainty concerning the future of the BDO these past few months and it’s a situation that worsened with the recent abdication of the majority of their directors.

Without dwelling on the well-publicised reasons for this continuing uncertainty, members interests have clearly not been best served with the ongoing lack of transparency or information, more so since the publication of their latest accounts, during which even our own auditors questioned the company’s ability to continue as a going concern, a point perhaps endorsed further by these resignations.

As a direct consequence to the auditors alarming warnings, the Tri-Nations have been working these past few weeks to put together an alternative proposal which will hopefully provide a viable and sustainable future for grass roots darts in Britain.

This proposal has been very accurately costed to ensure all members can have that future free from the threats of possible litigation and significantly, free from the damaging consequences that all the recent adverse publicity has caused.

If the members so choose, it will also allow us all to move forward together and when doing so protect the core events that we have all spent so many years enjoying and supporting.

Without making any unrealistic promises we all feel – as a new entity, that the new beginning this proposal could provide will also hopefully afford all members of Tri Nations Darts to negotiate and explore fresh contracts and sponsorship possibilities and do so unsullied by the damaging reputation that currently dominates our side of darts.

We obviously accept these potential opportunities can only be explored if and once the proposal is accepted by a majority of the three country’s current county members, and once the level of support has been ascertained, we will at the earliest opportunity and “national crisis permitting” then organise a meeting to openly discuss everything in more detail.

In the meanwhile we do ensure everyone that we will update everyone with any progress and do so in the hope that everything if accepted it could mean everything is in place for the new season - September/October 2020.

Yours Faithfully
Tommy Thompson (On Behalf of the Directors of The Tri-Nations Darts Ltd)

Tommy Thompson (Director)
Jean Haywood (Director)
Cliff Murray (Director)
John Smith (Director)
John Williams (Director)
Wayne Williams (Director)
Executives of England, Scotland, Wales
All British Counties
World Darts Federation
Richard Ashdown
PDC (Matt Porter – Edward Lowy)
Winmau Dart Board Company
Red Dragon Dart Board Company
One80 Dart Board Company
“L” Style
Darts Corner Ltd
Planet Darts TV
Robert Waterman
Dave Allen (PDC TV)


RE: Tri Nations Darts Limited - mc1958 - 03-23-2020

Thought this deserved its own thread - the above was posted by Tommy Thompson on Facebook a short while ago.

Looks like they want to take over the grass roots darts now the BDO is basically dead in the water - interesting seeing some PDC names on this as well.

Tri Nations Darts Limited - jt4527 - 03-23-2020

Certainly sounds very promising, and I good idea I think to at least keep the PDC "in the loop".

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RE: Tri Nations Darts Limited - 1/2 ton - 03-24-2020

Very refreshing news.

RE: Tri Nations Darts Limited - Mack - 03-24-2020

Not much detail so far, and all feels a bit amateur but as they seem to be focusing on amateur darts that is not a bad thing perhaps. Would like more detail and see how everything works together with WDF and PDC.

RE: Tri Nations Darts Limited - mc1958 - 03-25-2020

It seems some email has been sent to the counties asking for nominations to take over the vacant BDO director roles. Not got a clue what the current finances are, but in my mind anyone would be silly to take it on given the future contracts they are supposedly signed up to with Eurosport and the other venues as they would surely bankrupt the company. Best thing to do would be bring in the liquidators and let this new company take over the BICC and super league side of things and have the WDF look after the touring players side of things like they should have been doing anyway.