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Meet The Nutz Team
Warren buddy you still on the team ?
may all the doubles be with you

(01-14-2017, 11:16 PM)Fred-180 Wrote: Warren buddy you still on the team ?

Hi Fred

Yes mate, just a lot of things happening on the home front to not let me live in here.
See you at the oche'


[Image: wwodLOGO2014_zpsvd5ghupb.jpg]

Darts used-Harrows 24g Dennis Priestley.
Monster Gunner11 2BA 16g, L-Style 260 shafts and white Astra flights.
34 years playing darts 1982-2016, retirement is not an option Smile

(03-21-2013, 05:09 PM)Getagrip Wrote: Getagrip - Administrator:

Hi folks, well many people know me as a carrot loving crazy darts collector with more darts than anyone should sensibly have, was over 600 on my last countUndecided

But I was not always into collecting darts.  I come from North East England but for most of my younger days I was mad on Cricket which was really the only sport I liked.

There always seemed to be a dartboard in the house and I played now and then but just casually and never taking it seriously.  My eldest brother played for a club but I dont remember ever seeing him throw a dart to be honest.  He died when I was 19 at a young age of 33 and my last memory of him was him watching the Embassy finals in January 1989, I would have liked to have played a game with him though.

As well as Cricket my other big passion developed when I was about 13 - Martial Arts.  I studied a few varieties: Judo, Shuko Kai, Wado Ryu, Kickboxing but then found my favourite Muay Thai.  If I never had such a dodgy back I would probably be still doing that as I loved it!

But back trouble and knee trouble meant I had to give it up.  Next thing was Mountain Biking.  I did that on and off over a 15 year period.

When I watched the 2007 final between Barney and Taylor I was bitten by the darts bug.  I soon got a board and some darts and my wonderful darts journey started.

I have to say the first year or so I never played seriously, again I was just casually playing at home and I really believed that I would never in the rest of my life hit a 180.

Towards the end of 2008 my nephew hit a 180, so I thought if he can hit one then I want to too.  I started to play 2 hours a day, then within a couple of weeks I finally hit my first 180!

I continued for a while playing 2 hours a day and was getting better and better hitting a few more 180's and even got my first triple Bullseye.

Then I started to get a pain in my wrist so had to stop for a few weeks.

When I started playing again in about May 2009 I was a bit rusty but was soon playing well again.  Then about the second week of June I had a pretty nasty fall off my Mountain Bike and broke the bone on the back of my right shoulder, my throwing arm.

18 months later I was still in a lot of pain and could barely reach the board when throwing.  I spent most of 2011 struggling just to hit the board really.  Because I have hypermobile joints the injury constantly bothers me and I have not been able to get back to the previous form I had.

During that long 18 months I just got addicted to buying and collecting darts especially vintage darts, which is where my passion for collecting is today.  

I wont ever be able to play as good as I would like to now, but I still love to throw a few darts and talk darts with others and running a forum has also been a great joy and very addictive too.

Sorry for such a long ramble but thats me!

Getagrip (I really need to!)Wink
New around here. Thanks for all you do. Love the reviews!

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