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Need help from a dutch forums member

I found a real nice dart on the dutch ebay, sadly the seller wants 30€ for the shipping to germany.
Tried to contact him about it a week ago, but he didn't want to change it.

So as the delivery to the netherlands is a cheaper, I am looking for some from the netherlands, who orders for me and sends it to me here in germany.

If someone would do it, send me please an PM.

Help would be much appreciated.
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Signed shipping to Germany is €11,95 you should tell him that and see what he says. If he is still being a pain I would be happy to help you.
In case needed I am willing to help as well :-)
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Thank you both, but after talking with another forums member I don't think I will give my money to this shop. Doesn't deserve my money.

But really appreciated your help offers Smile
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What shop was it if I may ask? Thought it was an individual reading your first post.

Not really a shop, but also not a privatperson.
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