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A discount service on shipping costs has started
Dear. All

We have started a new service at our store.
1.   Depending on the membership level
2.   A certain % of the purchase amount
3.   Is deducted from the shipping cost

DartsNutz users will have 5% of the purchase amounts deducted from their shipping costs. This replaces the previous special price system for DartsNutz users, and we will stop the special prices.
In addition, while only members at Brazil Nut level or above had been eligible for the special prices before, we are lowering the eligibility level so that everybody at Cashew Nut level and above will be able to enjoy this discount service. For those of you who want to get the discount, please apply as before, by noting down the mail address for your account in a private message after creating your shop account. Those who have already made the applications will be automatically changed over to this service so no further action is needed.

Best regards.

World Darts Shop:
Hajime Yamanaka. World Darts Shop owner. 
[Image: WORLD-DARTS-BANNER_GIF_zps3d9d9796.gif]
[Image: DARTS_NUTZ_VEN_SPON_BADGE_zps82032e4b.png]

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A discount service on shipping costs has started - by Hajime Yamanaka - 04-19-2016, 12:08 PM

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